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How to Get Rid of Eye Bags Naturally

Eyebags – the price we pay for debauchery, workaholism, and insomnia. Especially when accompanied by telltale dark circles, they are a source of consternation for those who prefer the glazed pottery of a youthful face. Eyebags are accumulations of fat tissue in the lower eyelid, a sign of premature aging of the skin caused in particular by the deterioration of elastic and collagen fibers in the eye area. The skin loosens and droops, forming a “bag” of varying severity. Our eyes become puffy in the morning (especially after a night of sleepless self-indulgence) because of fluid build-up, but for the most part eyebags, like certain endowments, are hereditary, which hardly prevents single -minded sufferers from pursuing all sorts of panaceas.

Of course, there’s the old, allegedly reliable cucumber solution – chilled cucumber slices placed over the eye area for 15 minutes while you’re semi-reclined. Cucumbers will lessen the puffiness around the eyes in the morning, but it will not take away your eyebags. And more, it will leave you looking a faded Carmen Miranda without the big budget for fruit platters. To prevent puffiness, you could also avoid sleeping on your back without any pillow to elevate your head if you are prone to water retention. Naturally, the assumption here is that you caged your party animal alter ego the previous night and got enough sleep in the first place. There are more obscure methods. There’s the Accupressure Facial that is not only therapeutic, or so the claim goes, but also “circulates” the facial tissues to remove your panda bear look.

The Thermo Eye Mask is an intensive eye treatment that asserts it will reduce puffiness and eyebags (a declared bonus: it will also smooth out the lines around your eyes). The awfully funky, night vision goggles-like Eye Massager relieves eye stress likewise by promoting circulation around the eye area to, ahem, “eliminate” crow’s feet, eyebags, and wrinkles. Then we have the organic concoctions. First up, the “eye bag” for eyebags. Bring ½ cup of water to a boil. Pour water over two teabags (chamomile or regular black tea) then let them cool. Squeeze the excess water from the bags and place over closed eyes for three minutes. Another remedy: Slice ¼ potato to fit over your eyes. Cut two slices, or if you prefer, five to 10 very thin slices. Either method works. Spritz the eye area with water. Lying down, place the potato slices on your eyelids and leave in place for at least 10 minutes, Mr. Potatohead.

OK, here’s the real deal – the above remedies only work to alleviate puffiness. The only way to remove eyebags is by surgery, which works by removing part of the fatty tissue or by tightening the tissues holding the fat. And the eyebags will eventually return. Blepharoplasty, or eyebag surgery, is perhaps the most demanding operation in the field of cosmetic surgery. Anesthesia is local, and the operation is done on an outpatient basis so hospitalization is usually unnecessary. The Belo Medical Group offers laser eyebag removal and eyelift, which removes or repositions excess skin and fat. Lipo-dissolve dissolves fat pads under the skin with a series of injections of the drug Lipostabil. Four to five sessions requiring four ampoules each session should complete the procedure. There is another option, the sanest one of all” Love your facial luggage. A certain magnetism emanates from the world-weary face suggesting the man either works too much or parties too hard, both infinitely preferable to a lackluster 9-5 existence. Eyebags convey menace, like Al Pacino’s Tony Montana in Scarface blowing away the cock-a-roaches after hoovering enough coke to give Cyrano de Bergerac a nosebleed. In contrast, there is little volatility in a smooth-faced man – no possibility of detonation, even less of an implosion.

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