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How To Keep Your Shar Pei Healthy

Shar Pei’s have health problems that are as unique to their breed as their individual personality. There are many Shar Pei health problems that can affect your dog due to the wrinkles in their skin such as ear infections, skin problems and eye problems. Keeping regular appointments when a veterinarian who is aware of the problems specific to the Shar Pei breed is the best way to avoid health problems with your dog.

Your veterinarian can give you an ear wash to use at least once a week in order to keep your dogs ears clean. The ear wash is an important part of keeping the earwax loose both inside the ear and further down in the ear canal. It is also a good idea to place a special salve in the ears at least once a month in order to prevent ear infections. If you notice any signs of an ear infection it is important to get your dog to a veterinarian right away for treatment. The key to keeping your dog healthy is to get medical attention for any conditions such as ear infections.

When your Shar Pei begins pawing at their eyes you know they have eye problems. The Shar Pei can have problems with the lids rolling in because of the wrinkles in their skin. Sometimes just the top or bottom lids are affected but in some cases both the lids can be affected. As soon as possible you want to correct this Shar Pei health problem with an operation otherwise your Shar Pei can eventually go blind. For your dog it feels the same as having an eyelash stuck in your eye and you know how painful that can be.

Skin conditions are the most common Shar Pei health problems. Your dog is actually rare compared to other Shar Pei’s if they don’t have skin problems. Occasionally too much bathing can results in skin problems. It is important that you rinse your Shar Pei very well after you bathe them. You can use human Benedryl in order to help with the itching and it won’t harm the dog.

Checking between the paws from time to time is another important part of the Shar Pei health check. Shar Pei can sometimes get sore paws and you will know this when it happens because your dog will start to constantly lick their paws. Your veterinarian can recommend an antibiotic salve, that won’t harm your dog in case they lick it. The antibiotic will also help to get rid of the soreness between their paws.

Despite the many Shar Pei health problems the breed makes an excellent pet. There is less change of having your Shar Pei develop breed specific health problems if you get them from a reputable breeder. On the other hand, your Shar Pei could have health problems if you get them from a puppy mill or an unknown source. Before taking a Shar Pei into your household it is important to carefully consider the puppy and the person you are getting your dog from. You should talk with your veterinarian about any concerns you have regarding your Shar Pei health since they are trained to handle breed specific problems.

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