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How to Prevent Lower Lip Wrinkles

Wrinkles around your lips can be more detracting and annoying than in other parts of the face.

Wrinkles around the mouth are very visible and noticeable when people speak with each other. They make a person look much older than they really are. It can get even worse when there are many wrinkles and they are pretty deep. The common wrinkles to see in the lip region are the lower lip wrinkles, which cause the lips to look sad.

There is also the type of wrinkles that is between your nose and your upper lip, which are pretty deep wrinkles.

But what causes those wrinkles to appear? Well, first of all it’s important to understand that the lips area is a sensitive area for the skin. The area around the lips has a thin outer layer that gets even thinner due to aging, which causes collages to get lost. It’s a natural effect of us growing older, but besides that, what keeps our skin young and fresh gets cut back over the years. So there are losses in various places in the body, which accumulate to wrinkles around the lips. As you age you will notice that your lips area gets drier easily which can make wrinkles appear quicker if not treated. Dryness isn’t good for the complexion of the skin.

Besides all of that, wrinkles are also “helped” along by exposure to sunshine or wind, which effect the skin in an extreme way, and if possible, precautions to protect that part of the skin from sun and wind need to be taken.

But besides taking care of shading that area from extreme winds and the heat coming from the sun, there are other ways to treat and prevent wrinkles appearing around your lips.

Go to your local pharmacy or pharmacist and search for a lip cream or a lip balm that offers sun protection aids for the skin, and rub it on the skin before going out. Pay attention to the instructions of the products that state for how many hours it is effective.

Remember that the area around the lips is delicate and treat it as such. Extra care should be taken and only the proper products should be used.

Consult your doctor and check online for do’s and don’t’s on how to treat that area. Good luck and remember that it’s a constant process – not a one-and-done one.

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