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How to Prevent Wrinkles – Fight Wrinkles at Your Own Facial Gymnasium – Exercise the Jaw

Knowing how to prevent wrinkles is one of the best ways to fight wrinkles. Exercising your face is no different to exercising the rest of the body. Your face has muscles and not all of them get a workout as part of your daily life. This exercise help keep your neck smooth and is of great benefit if you wish to avoid the very aging creepy look.

You do not require any special exercise equipment to do this simple exercises so you can get started straight away.

Step One.

Tilt your head backwards

Step Two.

Gently place your hand on your throat.

Step Three.

Make your mouth into an ‘O’ shape.

Step Four.

Using the muscles around your mouth pull pull them down until it looks like you are making this sound ‘ee’. If you are not sure what it looks like when you say ‘ee’ try saying it before you commence the exercise so at least you know what you are looking for whilst going through the steps.

Step Five.

Now pushing the muscles around your mouth form the ‘O’ shape.

Repeat steps three to five, twelve times.

This is a very simple exercise to do. But as with all things new, you may have found it a little difficult to begin with. Do not be disheartened. You will get better with a bit of practise. This is an exercise you can do on your own in the privacy of your own home so you can continue your efforts to master this without any fear of looking foolish in front of other people. Be also aware this is only one exercise from many different exercises one can do for the jaw and chin region.

Exercising your face is not the only thing which you can do fight wrinkles.

Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as your skin requires nourishment. A poor diet shows on the face and leaves your skin open to irritation and infection. You want to glow, not have an unattractive pale and dry look.

Hydrate your body to keep your skin looking fresh. Your body needs about six glasses of water a day to achieve this freshness.

Combine the workout with good natural skin care products to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise your skin. These three steps contribute in maintaining a healthy and youthful looking skin.

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