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How to Remove Skin Wrinkles

To remove skin wrinkles from the skin is very possible. Until recently fixing skin wrinkles has been a baffling problem in skin care. But not any longer.

Probably about every mixture of a cream or even healing devices to remove wrinkles have been tried. If any ever came close to success it must have been very limited and short termed.

Why Past Attempts Have Failed

For many years skin care scientists have been experimenting with ingredients to find a better and effective method of fixing wrinkles. Many tried applying collagen on the skin but it doesn’t work because it isn’t readily absorbed into the skin. But this approach was close to finding what would work. So what will remove wrinkles from the skin?

Ingredients in any skin care product must be of the right kind to be effective. Even if the collagen that the scientists were experimenting with did go into the skin it wouldn’t work because the body would consider it waste and remove it.

The Real Answer for Removing Wrinkles

The body must grow new collagen, its that simple. But not until recently has that been done successfully. An amazing discovery finally makes it possible to reduce or even remove ugly wrinkles. What is it?

New Miracle Cream Discovery

The new amazing ingredient that can now cause wrinkles to disappear or at least be dramatically reduced to called “Functional Keratin”. What it does is cause the growth of new collagen and elastin. This helps make wrinkled skin go away. But that is not all.

Hyaluronic Acid

Raising the level of hyaluronic acid to that of a younger person is what has also been done. This has been done by including an age old ingredient used in Japan.

Wakame Sea Weed Helps Remove Wrinkles

Wakame sea kelp extract deactivates an enzyme that causes hyaluronic acid to break down. When the sea kelp does this it helps remove skin wrinkles because the need hyaluronic acid stays at an effective level. Thus the result is a smoother, younger looking skin.

This “miracle cream” has a whole bunch of other ingredients that help in fixing wrinkles. One is several natural antioxidants that fight free radicals that cause skin cell damage.

To remove skin wrinkles effectively, the right kind of ingredients are needed in the skin cream but they must also have the ability to deliver those ingredients to the skin cells. For more information please see my website. You are just one step away from removing wrinkled, saggy skin. –

Margaret Bell

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