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How to Thicken Aged Paper Thin Skin – Natural Anti Aging Lotion

As you get older the thickness of your skin is reduced and you may get aged paper thin skin. This is because the natural growth of collagen and elastin is reduced as you get older, and to reverse this you’ll need to get the growth going again.

The reduced production of collagen and elastin is caused by the aging process itself, but also because of nutritional deficiencies. There are several things that you can do to boost that growth up again.

1. You can make sure your skin has all the nutrients it needs by eating a healthy whole foods diet and supplement with natural multi nutrients.

2. Avoid things that reduce the nutrient-absorption like smoking, stress, and excessive alcohol intake. All of those things make your skin age faster.

3. Use a natural anti aging lotion that has ingredients proven to increase the growth of collagen and elastin.

So, how do you find an anti aging lotion that actually works to thicken aged paper thin skin? Look for ingredients like Cynergy TK, Active Manuka Honey and Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10. These have been proven in studies with real people to increase the growth of collagen and elastin, making their skin younger-looking, healthier and thicker.

What also is important to get any results with a lotion at all is that it has adequate amounts of the really good ingredients. You see, many creams look alright as they have many nice ingredients written on their labels. But often those really effective and expensive ingredients are only added in the minimum because the company wants to save money. This makes those creams largely ineffective.

Look for a company that promises to always include the very best amounts of all ingredients, no matter how much it will cost them. This way you’ll find the very best anti aging cream to thicken aged paper thin skin.

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