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How to Use Eye Anti Wrinkle Creams

A person has an average of 10,000 blinks in a day, and the eyes are always used in every minute while we are awake. This is enough to strain the eyes which causes wrinkles as we get older.

Ophthalmologist have tested that an anti eye wrinkle formula is safe to use in the eye area. According to them the substance of anti wrinkle eye cream must be fragrance free and matches the pH of your tears. Because the skin around the eye area is fragile and sensitive, anti wrinkle cream is more suitable to use than any moisturizing creams. Another reason is it is specially formulated to avoid any sting to the eyes, unlike moisturizers, it might irritate the eyes and make them water. Also, moisturizer has heavy ingredients that would make the eyes look worse than better.

Many women start using eye anti wrinkle creams when they reached the age of forties. However, dermatologist advised to use this creams at an early age to lessen wrinkles in the future, rather than battling with wrinkles when they have shown. As the doctor say, “prevention is better than cure”. As you purchase eye anti wrinkle cream it would be best to consult a dermatologist in order for you to know what type of cream suits you best.

There are three types of eye cream, day, night, and non-specific. Day eye cream is used before putting on make up. This type of eye cream has ingredients that would make your eye look better by reducing the puffiness and dark circles around the eyes.

Night eye cream, which is often applied before going to sleep, contains alpha hydroxyl acid and retinol. These ingredients are the ones responsible for repairing the skin around the eyes and effective for lessening the wrinkles. Non-specific eye cream can be applied as replacement for the moisturizer.

Applying eye anti wrinkles cream is quite easy. After washing and cleaning your face, put a bit of eye cream on your clean finger, then pat or rub it gently on your skin. Apply to the area under the eyes unless it is on the label that you should not, to the eyelid and below the brow bone. Just be gentle in applying the cream the whole time because vigorous application might irritate the eyes or encourage more wrinkles. Just use a small amount of cream, just add more if needed.

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