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Is Hypo and Hyperpigmentation the Same?

If you are in search for a skin cream that treats both hypo and hyperpigmentation you’re probably at a dead-end. And if you don’t know the difference between hypo and hyper then it’s safe to say that you don’t know what you are looking for. This article will discuss the difference between hypo and hyperpigmentation and their respective treatments.


Hyperpigmentation is a synonym for age, brown or dark spot. And since the dark gave it away, it means a darkening of an area or areas of the skin. This problem is caused by too much sun exposure and the melanin (what makes our skin tone the way it is) is over produced and usually appears in your late 30s-early 40s. However on the other end of hyperpigmentation problems we have melasma, which is a skin problem caused by hormonal imbalances. This is why we often see this problem during pregnancy.

Hyperpigmentation problems are usually harmless, unless there is too much unprotected sun tanning involved. Always remember that sunbathing without protection (sun screen above SPF +30) can lead to skin cancer. Also, the only way to prevent this problem from ever affecting you is to use a sun screen year around. No sun screen basically equals age spots.

There are various treatments for hyperpigmentation: microdermabrasion, skin bleaching creams, etc. Most of these are quite effective at correcting skin tone, but keep in mind that most of these are chemicals. We all know that chemicals are not really suited for sensitive skin types and unfortunately as we age, our skin gets thinner and a lot more vulnerable. Therefore using products that contain only natural ingredients is a great way to go. There are several natural skin creams for age spots out there, so there shouldn’t be a problem finding one. It might take a bit longer to see results, but the good news is that there will be results without nasty side effects.


Hypopigmentation is the opposite of hyperpigmentation. It means the decrease or depletion of melanin in areas of the skin. Vitiligo is a skin condition that is characterized by hypopigmentation. In addition, hypopigmentation can be caused by skin damage: infection, burns, etc.

Hypopigmentation can unfortunately not be treated. So please don’t believe in online lotions, potions and solutions that swear to cure discoloration problems.

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