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Latest Anti Aging Technology for Wrinkle Treatment

You might be wondering why some people do not look old as their age, while you look so old even at an early age. Two factors result to the manifestation of aging signs; first is through the natural cell degeneration while the other is by the accumulated toxins in the body due to cigarette smoking and excessive sunlight exposure.

Among the most common signs related to aging are skin wrinkling and loss of underlying fat. But latest anti aging technology has provided instant ways to erase those signs and bring back your youthful charm. Some of the latest treatments are listed below:

1. Face Lift

This is a surgical procedure done by a professional plastic surgeon. Face lift is one of the anti aging technologies that are considered delicate because of the risks it bring. In this procedure, the surgeon will stretch the skin on your cheeks, mouth, jaw and neck so that the loose skin due to wrinkling will be tightened. As a result, you skin looks smooth and wrinkle free.

2. Hormone Replacement Therapy

By replacing the lost amount of Human Growth Hormone or HGH in your body, it is thought that youthfulness will be regained. The use of hormone replacement therapy is still controversial, but according to scientific research, maintaining sufficient level of Human Growth Hormone can bring back the glow you had in puberty.

3. CO2 Laser Resurfacing

CO2 has long been used to erase tattoos and treat areas of the skin that are overly pigmented. Because of this, CO2 is now considered to eliminate age spots. With the use of laser to deliver CO2 on the skin, lesser irritation and side effects are felt. CO2 Laser resurfacing can also remove scars and repair sagging skin.

Anti aging technology are products of anti aging research. The above mentioned procedures are just some of the options you have to regain your juvenile charm. Although this technology indeed requires much budget, that would not bother if you get excellent results. However, an advice from your dermatologist will always keep you safe in deciding to go under the knife.

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