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Melasma Treatments to Hasten Skin Depigmentation

Are you tired of hiding behind a mask of hyperpigmentation on your cheek, nose, lips, or your forehead? An estimated six million women in America alone are said to be enduring emotional suffering because of this condition. Facial lesions due to Melasma are disfiguring and can lead to a decrease in a person’s social functioning, self esteem and self confidence. If you are one of these patients, you have no reason to lose heart yet as there are many solutions to your problem. Find the best Melasma treatment and bring out the natural beauty in you again.

Otherwise known as “the mask of pregnancy” or Chloasma, this condition is characterized by a facial skin discoloration or tan which can affect anyone, most particularly pregnant women. Melasma is usually difficult to treat and can have a severe impact on the quality of your life. However, thanks to both ancient treatment and modern techniques, Hyperpigmentation can be even-toned and permanently de-pigmented. Melasma treatments come in different kinds and are performed with the use of various techniques and substances.

Bleaching agents may be prescribed as a treatment for Melasma. Depigmenting agents like hydroquinone (HQ) can be bought over the counter or prescripted. It is advisable to use hydroquinone under the supervision of a Dermatologist as irritation may occur and other side effects like darkening of the normally pigmented skin. Usually, the use of hydrocortisone cream is necessary to combat irritation and aid in depigmentation. Other Depigmenting agents include tretinoin, azelic acid, phenolic-thioether, ascorbic acid, 4-isopropylcatechol, and kojic acid.

Chemical Peels are also used as a more advanced Melasma treatment. A chemical solution is applied especially to the affected area and allowed to soak in. The chemical that penetrates the skin peels off the damaged layer of the skin, giving way to new skin to grow in its place. There are different kinds of Chemical peels which differ based on the chemical used and the effects to the skin. Superficial chemical peels are the mildest peel for Melasma and use mild acids like Glycolic acid. Medium peels use Trichloroacetic acid as the peeling agent while deep peels use a chemical called Phenol.

Microdermabrasion or most commonly known as Microderm is a skin refreshing technique also used to repair hyperpigmentation. As a Melasma treatment, this technique uses a device like a sandblaster to spray crystals in the affected area. It is a facial sanding technique which aims to remove the dead layer of the skin. This treatment however needs more than one session to reduce hyperpigmentation or totally remove Melasma.

Topical Steroids come in the forms of creams, ointments, or lotions. They can also be used as Melasma treatment as they are known to heal various skin conditions like eczema. Hydrocortisone cream is the most popular steroid cream for Melasma. The aim of this Melasma treatment is simple: clear hyperpigmented areas. The lowest strength is recommended for three days to a week then a stronger steroid is used as prescribed when no changes or the Melasma is not treated.

One of the most promising treatments is a natural supplement which combines ingredients to help support your adrenal gland deficiencies, maintain healthier copper levels, reduce the MSH (alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone) within your body. Many women have discovered that the internal aspect of Melasma is the best long term treatment for this disorder. For important information on this approach, visit the promising product website of Melacor at There is detailed information of treating melasma naturally by using an internal supplement. Their website also consists of melasma forums which allow people to interact with one another about the best treatments available.

Regardless of the Melasma treatment you prefer to use, you should avoid sunlight or at least use a broad spectrum sunscreen daily. Wear hats and stay in the shade as much as you can if you want any treatment to work successfully on you.

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