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My Cream For Wrinkles – Why Didn’t it Work?

If a cream for wrinkles fails to give you the desired results, it can be very disheartening. And, truth be told, it’s happened to almost all of us. We bought a beautiful cream in a sparkling jar and applied it to our faces and necks with high hopes and bright dreams. We did this religiously and waited for our spouses to comment, our friends to notice and our colleagues to turn green with envy at our youthful appearance.

Sadly, instead nothing happened. Our skin stayed creased and we began to fear that our aging had progressed beyond hope. Then, when our bottle ran out we bought another since the company promised that we would get results if we would just give the product time. And so it goes, as tens of thousands of women and men throw money away on the wrong anti aging treatments day after day.

Fortunately, there are some very simple reasons that anti aging treatments do not work. Take a look at your own anti wrinkle regimen to determine if maybe you just are using the wrong product.

Some Anti Aging Treatments are Nothing More than Moisturizers

There are no official guidelines to determine what can and cannot be called a wrinkle fighting cream or anti aging serum. As a result, some companies will simply create a moisturizer, put it in a fancy package and call it a cream for wrinkles. In reality, keeping your skin well moisturized will help prevent signs of aging, but it will not do a great deal to repair wrinkles that are already there.

Be Suspicious of “Secret” Ingredients

While a company may wish to prevent other cosmetics and cosmeceutical companies from stealing its wonder working compounds, this can be prevented by patents, copyrighting and other methods. Some companies claim that they have “secret” ingredients that work miracles but cannot be divulged for security reasons.

If your wrinkle cream is made by one of these companies and you are not seeing results, it may be because there are no effective secret ingredients involved. Before you buy this type of product, take a good look at objective reviews – not ones on the official website – to determine if the secret ingredients are worth a try.

You May be Using the Wrong Cream

Sometimes, you may just have selected the wrong wrinkle treatment. If this happens, then you will not see results. It is not necessarily a problem with your skin or with the anti aging treatment. It is just that they do not mesh. If you do not see the results you were hoping for with any wrinkle cream or aging serum, do not be discouraged. Simply analyze the ingredients in the treatment and the state of your skin to determine what cream for wrinkles is right for you.

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