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New FDA Reports Warn Consumers of Dangers With Laser Surgery – Use the Best Wrinkle Creams Instead

The FDA is warning all consumers about the risks of damage to their skin from using laser resurfacing wrinkle treatments, which essentially burn off the upper layer of the skin and allow new skin to heal and form underneath. Many patients experience vast amounts of pain during the healing process, which causes most doctors to prescribed anesthetics to treat the pain. Some side effects reported were less serious and others life-threatening, they include: irregular heart beat, seizures, coma, and slowed or stopped breathing following the application of lidocaine and tetracaine to reduce the pain after laser resurfacing wrinkle treatments.

Alternatives wrinkle creams are Equally as Effective, Safer

Unlike costly, painful and intrusive wrinkle treatments like laser resurfacing, there are ways that you can save money and see the same results simply by using clinically proven wrinkle creams. This wrinkle cream uses proprietary compounds that are proven and most often patented-they penetrate deep into your skin and help to naturally encourage the production of more collagen, as opposed to damaging the skin by exposing it to radiation, which promotes the production of collagen to heal the skin.

When you think about, it seems silly to burn off the upper layers of your skin just to promote collagen production when there are more cost effective, less painful and easier to use, more private methods of doing so. Contrary to popular belief, that wrinkle creams cannot penetrate the skin deep enough to promote collagen production, the clinical results do not lie. The best wrinkle creams have been clinically and scientifically proven to promote the production of collagen and restore resiliency and elasticity to the skin, in just a matter of a month or two. But you won’t go broke trying to acquire and use them, there are no visits required and they offer a more private means of usage and application in the comforts of your own home.

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