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Review of the Velform Contouring Chin Wrap

European firm Velform is one of the few companies offering a solution to those wanting to reduce their double chin without surgery. The following article sets out to review the Velform contouring chin wrap.

Velform have come up with a chin wrap system that is having amazing results in tightening and toning sagging skin under the chin and on the neck. Their chin wrap is able to reduce and reaffirm the chin in a way that leaves it firm and taut. Once the wrap is fitted around the chin and above the head users are able to immediately feel how the Velform gel lifts and sculpts their chins.

The effects are due to how the gel is able to combine with loose skin cells and cause the skin to shrink in a way that reduces the appearance of sagging skin and reduces the fat making up a double chin. Users first apply a special gel over the chin and areas of the upper neck. The adjustable Velform chin reaffirmer (one size fits all) can then be wrapped around these areas.

The Velform gel and wrap should be applied twice a day. It is best to set up a daily routine whereby you apply them every morning for ten minutes and every evening before bed for twenty minutes. The Velform gel is a unique mixture of ingredients that includes Gotu Kola, a natural herb from India and Rosa Mosqueta (rosehip oil).

It can take some time to notice the results of this kind of treatment but a noticeable improvement should be able to be felt and seen after a week and a more considerable improvement should be noticeable after a month.

Users have reported that the Velform Chin Wrap removes other small lines and wrinkles from around the mouth and other areas on the lower facial area. This anti-cellulite quality definitely gives the product extra appeal. Some users also noticed that the effects were enhanced even further if the wrap was applied immediately after a bath or shower. It is possible to find success with this method alone however most of those that have had excellent results with chin wraps also made changes to their diet and exercise routines.

I have not heard anyone mention any discomfort as a result of wearing the chin wrap and have only read of positive reactions. Aside from cosmetic surgery, the Velform Chin Wrap is one of the best solutions available for double chin reduction.

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