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Searching For a Wrinkles Treatment

Don’t feel like you’ve “been there, done that.” There actually are great ways to have younger looking skin. And there are simple things to look for when searching for a wrinkles treatment.

You can start maintaining or even restoring healthy, younger looking skin by always using an effective sunscreen. No matter how often this advice is given, it’s amazing how many people ignore it. Getting a tan each summer will eventually make your skin look leathery and older and susceptible to wrinkles.

Use a sunscreen with a rating of at least SPF 30 that also contains vitamins C and E, which are both good for healthy skin. Vitamins C and E also provide skin with extra protection against environmental damage. Wearing a hat and long sleeves when you spend time outdoors is another good idea.

When you cut through all of the hype about miracle products that work wonders overnight, you can find lots of good products specifically created for aging skin. Many have been clinically tested and are proven to work.

Take Retin-A, for example. There are different formulas, but they all have one thing in common. Retinoids increase the collagen your body produces, making it easier for the skin cell renewal process to work much more effectively.

You need a prescription for most Retin-A type formulas, but some less strong and more gentle retinoids are available over the counter. And they do work.

And there are many skin tightening ingredients that do work pretty rapidly. With some, you can put it on your face, apply your makeup and wrinkles seem to disappear. But understand that the results are just temporary and will disappear as soon as you wash your face.

One thing is certain. It’s essential that you use a moisturizer, no matter what type of skin you have. Skin simply begins to dry out with age, which makes moisturizing creams and lotions a vital part of any wrinkles treatment.

Look for formulas that contain some of these proven effective ingredients – alpha and/or beta hydroxy acids, kinetin, retinol and copper peptides.

Having younger looking skin has two basic steps – 1) protecting your skin from the sun and other natural elements and 2) finding a good wrinkles treatment and staying with your program.

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