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StriVectin Vs Trilastin – Which Removes Stretch Marks Best?

Need to know which stretch mark cream to buy? StriVectin SD and Trilastin SR are hot sellers today. Both claim to prevent and remove stretch marks. Before you spend your money on either, see what we found when we reviewed them both.

StriVectin SD

You may hear advertisements for StriVectin all the time. However, it may be "Better than Botox" for wrinkles and fine lines, but it is not very effective for stretch mark removal. Even when used liberally 2-3 times a day, the stretch marks do not disappear. Stretch marks do seem to fade and lighten, but are still visible after a month long trial. Even plain cocoa butter seemed to yield better results than this product.

It also had a very strong scent that was not unpleasant, but may irritate some sensitive noses!

If you have wrinkles, this may be your answer, but for stretch marks … not so much.

Trilastin SR

Trilastin produced much more measurable improvements to skin. Unlike the StriVectin, Trilastin began to work in only a matter of days.

Unlike regular moisturizers, the creators claim that it stimulates the cell regeneration process and repairs old stretch mark scars. Even women who had lived with their stretch marks for years saw them fade rather quickly.

It also appeared to help prevent additional stretch marks from developing in pregnant women by keeping stretched skin more elastic and resilient.

Since Trilastin is also less expensive than StriVectin, picking the right stretch mark cream does not need to be a difficult decision.

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