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The Best Anti Wrinkle Face Cream Is Lifestyle

I’m not against using anti wrinkle face cream, but many people think I am. Here’s what I’m against: carring about your skin so much that you will spend a lot of money on expensive creams, while at the same time living a lifestyle that is damaging to the skin. Why spend money on anti wrinkle face cream, only to behave in a way that will basically undo what the cream is supposed to do. To get the best results from that expensive wrinkle cream, why not live a lifestyle that will literally multiply the effectiveness of the cream?

If you smoke cigarettes and you are so concerned about your skin that you are spending money on expensive anti wrinkle face cream, then you have to stop smoking, now! Smoking actually speeds up the aging of our bodies. How does it do that? To explain simply, smoking promotes the destruction of cells, including skin cells. This is what aging is. It is my belief that any good and expensive anti wrinkle face cream will be twice as effective if you quit smoking.

Do you eat a lot of processed food, like frozen trays of macaroni and cheese, canned foods and vegetables, hot pockets, and any food with lots of sugar, even sugar in your coffee? If so, then your eating habits are very likely speeding up your aging. You are what you ate. A diet that actually slows down the aging process making you look years younger is made up of mostly fresh and unprocessed vegetables and fruits and very few or no processed foods. Give the anti wrinkle face cream you are spending tons of money on a fighting chance to work its magic. If you are going to continue smoking and eating poorly, then don’t bother buying the cream.

Diet and overall lifestyle by far have the greatest effect on anti aging. Anyone truly concerned about looking younger, enough to pay a significant amount of money on anti aging wrinkle cream, should seriously consider making lifestyle changes that will support anti aging.

Eating mostly fresh and raw foods can actually reverse the aging process, taking years off your life and having a much greater effect on your skin than any cream can.

I encourage you to modify your lifestyle to promote anti aging. You will feel tons better, have more energy and look younger all over. You probably won’t even need an anti aging wrinkle cream.

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