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The Big Misunderstanding About Hyaluronic Acid Cream Products

I was enraged after reading about hyaluronic acid cream and what most skin care companies never tell you about them. Just like most kinds of collagen cream, most hyaluronic acid cream products are much more ineffective than the average consumer thinks. And here’s why….

When collagen creams and lotions were introduced to the market, people went CRAZY over them. Seeing that most consumers who educate themselves about proper anti-aging skin care know of the importance of collagen in the skin, it would just seem logical to use a product that contained it.

The same thing has now happened to hyaluronic acid cream products. Since more and more people are realizing the amazing benefits of higher hyaluronic acid (HA) levels in the skin, skin care companies are pumping out products that contain this substance, and people are buying them like hotcakes.

But here’s the problem- these substances can’t really penetrate through our skin!

Collagen molecules are far too large to be absorbed into the skin. And HA is a very sticky and thick substance, making it extremely difficult to penetrate through the skin. If you’re lucky, only a minuscule amount of HA will even be absorbed. All the rest will be washed off.

What I can’t stand is how skin care companies are still making new hyaluronic acid cream products when they don’t even work! And the whole idea of creating a product with higher concentrations of HA? It’s all just to sell more product instead of producing results, like it should be.

So is it even possible to increase the amount of HA in your skin?

There is, and it’s the good ole natural and holistic way….

All of your skin cells contain HA. But only abut a third of all of it is renewed each day. Thanks to the damaging effects of UV radiation and free radicals, a bodily enzyme called hyaluronidase is triggered to break down HA. So the more free radicals that are in your skin, the more hyaluronidase is active, and the more HA that’s destroyed.

The best way to preserve the amounts of HA in your skin is to use a hyaluronic acid cream that contains ingredients which both stop the activity of this enzyme and destroy free radicals before they can damage your skin and it’s cells.

The Japanese know what they’re doing. They use hyaluronic acid cream products with ingredients like Phytessence Wakame, a unique Japanese sea kelp. Have you even seen an elderly Japanese man or women? Their skin is amazingly smooth and age-free! That’s because they live healthy lifestyles and use skin products that preserve the amount of HA in their skin, which helps the skin maintain water and moisture, making it more plump and smooth.

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