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The Exfoliation Can Eliminate Wrinkles?

One of the basic methods to improve the skin and remove fine wrinkles is the exfoliation, the withdrawal of most superficial layer of skin. The methods to do ranging from simple creams scrubs to special or intensive peelings, which include laser-resurfacing; The dark-skinned people have a particularly high risk of scarring or discoloration with the most powerful methods of exfoliation.


The surgery through the CO2 lasers or erbium: YAG laser is currently the most effective method of exfoliation to eliminate wrinkles. The CO2 laser is more powerful and is used for deep wrinkles and facial imperfections, the YAG laser is softer, and can be used to achieve a smoother skin texture.

The lasers are used ultra lights to the skin of the neck and jaw. Some surgeons used another technique called laser-etching, which uses CO2 or YAG lasers at the same meeting to achieve different effects. The pulses of laser penetrate quickly into the skin; vaporize water and the skin surface without damaging the deeper layers, allowing growing new skin.

In addition, heat is applied sufficient to shorten the collagen fibers, restoring a degree of elasticity in the skin. The technique is more beneficial in areas around the mouth and eyes, and slightly less effective in the nasal area. Do not remove the “crow´s feet”, broken glasses, or dark circles.

The procedure itself is relatively painless, although the dryness and irritation that occur during the healing process after the laser can be important. For eight or nine days, the skin is peeled and inflamed, and requires continuous hydration. The treated skin can be insensitive and red for 1-4 months, it is important that the patient avoid the sun every effort during this period.

They can take place scars and infections in about 1% of the interventions of this kind, with a risk that increases or decreases depending on the experience of the surgeon. People with a history of herpes simplex outbreaks may experience fever, sore easy and flu symptoms for five or six days.

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