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The Four Best Sermon Illustrations You Can Use In Church

Sermon illustrations are a great way to communicate your message to the congregation in a way that will really impact the congregation. While many people can listen to a great speaker, other people get bored with the sermon quickly. They need to see something to break their train of thought. With everything going on in the world, it is easy to get distracted on Sunday mornings. You may have men sitting in church that look like they are engaged in the sermon, but they may be thinking about the football games coming on Sunday afternoon.

While we are all doing our best to try to focus on the Lord, it is very easy to get distracted. Here are the four best sermon illustrations you can use in your next church service.

Humorous Movie Clips for Sermons

Who says that church has to be boring? It certainly doesn’t have to be boring, and you can start off your message with funny movie clips for sermons that include a hidden lesson within the video. This will help relax the congregation and get them engaged in the message you are sharing that day.

In recent years, technology has advanced to the point where it is easy for the church to install a projector connected with a computer so you can show videos in church. Churches can utilize this technology to add variety to the message. With all of the advances in technology, there are many new ministries that have sprung up that produce professional videos you can use in the church setting. It can be difficult to find funny videos on YouTube that are appropriate to use in church, so there is a growing demand for this type of media.

Drama Skits for Sermons

Are there people in the congregation that love drama? Drama is an effective way to communicate a message to the church. You need to have someone in the congregation who loves drama to start a small group for people who love drama and theater. Ask them to come up with a few skits they can perform during a Sunday morning or Sunday night sermon. The right skit can emotionally engage people in a way that a traditional sermon might not move people.

Movie Sermon Illustrations

There are plenty of movie scenes from Hollywood that may include a Biblical lesson too. Look for movie clips from movies that contain life lessons. Our society often recognizes life lessons which are also Biblical principles, so you should be able to find many examples of sermon illustrations from movies that can be applied to a message in the church.

Physical Sermon Illustrations

The possibilities are endless with physical sermon illustrations! Physical objects have been used in sermons for hundreds of years to help emphasize the main message of the sermon. In some cases, the pastor may actually hand out a gift as a reminder of the sermon preached that Sunday. In large churches, the pastor may bring in live animals or other memorable objects to grab the congregation’s attention. These sermon illustrations are all designed to help you remember the sermon you have heard at church.

These are the four best sermon illustrations you can use for your messages on Sunday morning. As a pastor, you need to try to keep things fresh by adding different wrinkles or illustrations to the sermon so people will remember the message.

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