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The Hard Truth About Wrinkle Cream Tests

It would be nice if all the big name cosmetic companies had our best interests at heart. But unfortunately, that is not the case. Having said that, do not wholeheartedly trust the results from alleged wrinkle cream tests, as they are often “misrepresented” by the company that conducted the test. It’s an unfortunate fact, but many of the best anti wrinkle creams only have that title because of the advertising campaigns carried out by cosmetic companies.

You’ll be surprised to know that many wrinkle creams don’t actually pass the tests they are put through. In fact, most of them fail miserably in terms of effectiveness and show no real potential when it comes to wrinkle removal. And, what’s really disturbing is the fact that expensive wrinkle creams typically offer no better results than those of cheaply priced creams. This means that if a person opts to go for the more expensive anti-wrinkle cream (due to the belief that they would achieve more powerful wrinkle reduction), they would be rewarded with absolutely nothing!

The sad fact in the matter is that most wrinkle removing creams only provide a small reduction of fine lines & wrinkles. It’s true that some creams can reach astounding levels of wrinkle reduction; but it terms of the average wrinkle cream’s effectiveness, you’d be lucky to get a 10% reduction of wrinkles.

Why does the FDA not get involved in this apparent world wide scam? Because they simply don’t care. Cosmetic products which are classified as lotions and creams, like anti wrinkle cream, have no underlying medical importance — meaning they are not subject to government testing or approval. Hence, we’re on our own when it comes to finding a good wrinkle cream.

So, the big question you’re undoubtedly asking is: do these numerous wrinkle cream tests mean that all anti-wrinkle cream is of poor quality? No, of course not — It simply means you can’t believe all the hype when a company claims that their product has been fully “tested” and is “proven” to remove wrinkles. Instead, you have to use your head, do some research, read through reviews, and discover what the wrinkle community at large thinks about a particular product.

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