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The Secret Ingredient That Cures Boils on Face, Neck, Thighs or Buttocks: You Can Be Healed

Let me ask you a simple question: do you have boils on your face, neck, thighs or buttocks that are driving you crazy? Are you embarrassed, in pain, itchy, or just plain uncomfortable? What if I told you that there is a secret ingredient that can help you stop the cycle of infection that causes them in the first place?

The Whole World Sees Boils On The Face

First, let’s talk about this particular problem, because it can seem much worse than having eruptions anywhere else.

On the good side, you don’t tend to have the friction problem that makes many boil outbreaks worsen rapidly. Facial boils can heal more quickly because of this.

On the bad side, if the boil is not on your forehead or chin, you should be worried. Any infected area close to the center of your face can transmit the infection from the surface of the skin into the sinus cavity below, causing a lot of harm. If you have a boil in the center of your face, see a doctor as soon as possible to discuss treatment options.

Treating Them Naturally

If, however, your boil is on your thighs, underarms, buttocks, or groin, or in the outer area of your face, you can try treating it naturally at home.

I say naturally because boils are caused by staph bacteria infecting your skin, and staph are notoriously adept at developing resistance to antibiotics. A natural remedy can help you fight the bacteria without contributing to the development of so-called ‘superbugs’, created as bacteria are exposed to ever-stronger medicines and develop ever-stronger resistance.

First, apply a warm, wet wash cloth to the infected area. This heat draws more blood to the skin’s surface, and with it all the good cells that fight infection.

Hold the cloth there for 10 to 15 minutes, and repeat the procedure up to four times a day.

Now, if the boil is “down there” you may not be able to comfortably apply a cloth. In that case, soak in a warm bath to achieve the same effect.

There are also herbal remedies for boils on the face: chief amongst these are Wild Indigo, Echinacea, and Hepar Sulphur, all of which work to boost the immune system and fight inflammation and blood and skin disorders.

But of these three, Echinacea is really the star. You see, Native Americans have been using it for centuries to treat blood poisoning and infectious diseases of the skin and blood.

This so-called ‘secret’ ingredient was then discovered by German scientists in the 30s, and they have been performing clinical trials and scientific research on it ever since.

By boosting your immune system and purifying your blood, you can start to be healed from boils. You may even prevent them from ever having to form a head!

To find out more about this ingredient, including the doses you need to take to make it effective and a convenient homeopathic spray I have found to treat boils on the face, visit my website. There I explain in more detail the causes of these boils, and ways to stop them from spreading. Visit today and start to get on with your life!

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