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The Ugly Truth About Hyaluronic Acid Firming Serum Products

Just like any other description of a skin care product, a hyaluronic acid firming cream sure sounds great. But do the results people get using them actually live up to the promises made on the label? Here's the truth about most hyaluronic acid (HA) creams and lotions ….

Have you even found a HA skin care product that stated on it's label or in it's description that the HA actually penetrates through your skin? Probably not.

You know why this is? Because it really does not!

You see, HA is a very sticky and thick substance, making it very difficult to be absorbed through the skin. The same thing goes with collagen and elastin protein; these molecules are far too large to penetrate through the skin.

Unfortunately, this does not stop many companies from making hyaluronic acid firming serum and other topical products that include these substances in their formula. Why would they when their sales volume goes through the roof with them in their products?

The only way to fight back is to not buy hyaluronic acid firming serum, cream, gel, lotion, and any other kind of product that actually contains HA, collagen, and elastin.

But be aware that this does not mean you can not increase the firmness and elasticity of your skin and get rid of wrinkles and fine lines ….

You just have to know how to do it the RIGHT WAY.

Collagen, elastin, and HA are all found inside your skin. Collagen and elastin protein determines how firm, tight, and elastic your skin is; they actually help BUILD the structure of your skin. Hyaluronic acid is what retains water ad moisture, which plumps up the skin and makes it look and feel smooth. All three of them are essential to a youthful and healthy complexion.

Now instead of trying to load up with foreign protein and HA, you can just as easily increase the amounts of these substances in your skin NATURALLY.

As you get older, your body can not produce as much collagen and elastin as it could when you were younger. But using anti-aging products with ingredients like CynergyTK (TM) can actually stimulate the production of more NATURAL collagen and elastin, allowing your skin to stay firm and elastic much longer.

And the main reason why HA levels decline is because of increased free radical damage from UV radiation and pollution. Free radicals increase the activity of a bodily enzyme called hyaluronidase, which then breaks down HA.

But you can preserve the amount of HA in your skin by using skin care products with Phytessence Wakame, a Japanese substance that inhibits the activity of hyaluronidase. With this enzyme less active, more HA is left in your skin to help retain moisture, plump up the skin, and hide wrinkles and fine lines.

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