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Top 5 Ways To Treat Wrinkles

For many people, wrinkles are part and parcel of everyday life. People agonize over the fact that they have wrinkles when they first start getting wrinkles, but after some time, they get used to the fact that their skin is aging and they stop being bothered by it. Most people fail to realize that there are actually treatments available to both avoid and remove wrinkles, and that doing so is not as hard as they believe. This article aims to highlight the top 5 ways to treat wrinkle and to give readers some idea of what these treatments are and how they work to reduce and remove your wrinkles.

The first and most popular treatment for wrinkles is undeniably Botox. This treatment produces instant results and is extremely popular among busy, working women. Botox is essentially a toxin that, when injected into certain muscles, relaxes and paralyses those muscles that typically cause wrinkles, thus removing wrinkles by allowing the skin to relax. Botox treatments are a short-term solution, however, and for continued results you have to continue the treatments indefinitely. Once treatment is stopped, your wrinkles will eventually return and become as they were before treatment started. Many people choose Botox over other treatments, however, because of how fast they get results. Upon injection of Botox, wrinkles take a mere ten minutes to disappear.

Second, and one of the latest and most effective forms of forms of treatment to become available, is a Vitamin C lotion. This treatment has its origins in health spas, where it was commonly used after facials in order to maintain the soft and supple skin that was the result of a good facial. People soon realized that the lotion was effective at treating wrinkles as well, and companies soon began manufacturing for sale as a form of wrinkle treatment. The lotion helps improve the skin’s natural healing ability, as well as reduce the severity of wrinkles and fine lines.

In third place are collagen injections, which are a fairly recent development in the fight against wrinkles. This treatment involves injecting collagen under the areas of skin affected by wrinkles in order to ‘plump’ up the skin and stretch out wrinkles. When done properly, this treatment can have your skin looking good as new, without any sign of wrinkles.

In recent years, as the fight against wrinkles has gained more attention, many pharmaceuticals companies have various creams and lotions designed to remove wrinkles or to reduce their severity. Most of these creams are available over the counter at local pharmacies or drug stores and they vary in their effectiveness. Most do produce results eventually, and the difference lies mainly in the length of time that you have to continue using the treatment before seeing positive results.

Acid or chemical peels have also been gaining popularity. These sometimes painful treatments involve ‘burning’ the outer layer of skin to reveal tighter, healthier skin underneath, thus removing wrinkles and other blemishes on the skin.

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