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Top 5 Ways to Treat Wrinkles

The treatment of wrinkles has become a multi-million or perhaps billion dollar industry, as people attempt to stave off the effects of aging. Some of the most common treatments for wrinkles involve lotions and oils, injections, surgery and laser resurfacing.

For those who are only a little committed to treating their wrinkles, there are a plethora of over-the-counter anti-wrinkle creams from almost every beauty care products supplier. These treatments usually require daily or sometimes twice daily application of creams and lotions to the face to prevent the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Some include a gentle depilatory agent, stripping off the top layer of skin to reach the healthier skin below. Most also include strong moisturizers as dry skin can emphasize the appearance of wrinkles. Some even argue that the moisture in their creams and lotions help plump the skin cells to help them fill in the lines and wrinkles.

Of these creams, one of the newest and best to hit the market is a Vitamin C lotion. Beginning in health spas around the world and then leaking out to the general populace, Vitamin C as a skin treatment has been quickly gaining in popularity. At first, the lotion was applied by spas after facials to maintain the soft, clean skin brought out by the facial. Then it was noted that Vitamin C effectively treated wrinkles as well. The treatment is said to enhance skin’s natural healing ability and improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Another way some women are combating wrinkles is through the use of botox and collagen injections. Collagen is used to plump up an area and remove wrinkles by restoring a youthful look to the area treated. Botox treatment for wrinkles involves a form of botulism being injected to a particular area, often the forehead and area near the eyes, to paralyze the muscles that cause wrinkles there. The treatment lasts four to six months and generally only appears irritated and red for the first day after the treatment. Wrinkles are minimized because the facial muscles used for furrowing the brow and other wrinkle-causing movements are effectively frozen by the botox.

Another recent development in the war on wrinkles is laser-skin resurfacing. Like chemical peels and facials designed to remove the top layer of skin, laser-skin resurfacing is designed to remove layers of skin and improve the look of the skin by revealing the healthier, tighter skin beneath the surface.

Finally, some people still resort to the more traditional method of fighting wrinkles, plastic surgery. With surgery skin can literally be pulled tighter in an effort to get rid of wrinkles. The most common kinds of wrinkle treatment via plastic surgery are brow lifts which remove excess skin on the upper eyelid and improve the look of drooping eyelids. The other common form of plastic surgery removes excess skin under the eyes and removes wrinkles that way.

Whichever method people choose, the natural approach is usually preferred by most as the skin refurnishes naturally, leaving no scars and cuts. Great results have been achieved with all anti wrinkle treatments so in the end, it is entirely up to the individuals preferences.

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