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What Causes Face Wrinkles?

There are a number of factors that can lead to unsightly, unwanted face wrinkles. While there are a great many products out there that can cure and prevent them, wrinkles are a natural part of aging and are to be expected at some point in life. Other “unnatural factors include: poor diet, lack of adequate water consumption, smoking, along with over-exposure to sun, wind and tanning salons.

Poor Diet

A diet filled with saturated fats, refined sugar and nearly any processed food product you can imagine will aid to starve your skin of antioxidants and the oxygen it needs. Face wrinkles will appear much more quickly in people who lead an unhealthy lifestyle. If your body isn’t getting the nutrients it needs to properly sustain life, your skin, nails and hair will not have the nutrients they need allocated to them by your body. Eat foods rich in vitamins, antioxidants and natural plant fats found in avocados and kiwi fruit.

Water Consumption

Just like eating right, your body needs to have adequate hydration, so it can pass needed moisture on to the skin. Water also flushes toxins out of our body that can attack our skin and cause premature face wrinkles, along with brittle nails and weak hair strands.


Smoking causes accelerates the genetic process of aging. It causes skin to thin anywhere from 25-40%, while also reducing collagen and elastin production.

Sun, Wind & Tanning Salons

Depending on the climate you live in and what you do for a living — you may have a tough time reducing face wrinkles that are caused by your surrounding environment. Sun, wind and tanning beds will all cause over-drying of your skin. Over time, the constant lack of natural moisture will cause the skin to roughen and crack. There is only so much over-exposure of these elements that your body can handle before wrinkles start to form. Make use of a good moisturizing solution to immediately moisturize your skin to prevent wrinkles from forming.

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