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What Is Rutin Good For? 7 Ways To Benefit From Taking This Supplement

Many people have heard about this bioflavonoid but very few people can answer the question, “what is rutin good for?” Rutin is a member of the bioflavonoid family and is found in many vegetables, plants and fruits. Buckwheat is a major source of rutin, which can also be found in citrus fruits, black tea and apple peel. Studies have shown that this plant chemical can be credited with a large number of positive health advantages.

Rutin has many health benefits because of its powerful antioxidant properties. These safeguard your body from the harmful effects of free radicals which can cause damage to your cells. It is important for your health that these are kept under control.

1). Once it enters your bloodstream it will eliminate any toxic free radicals and also remove any heavy metals which are present.

2). Rutin will strengthen your small arteries and veins under your skin. By doing this it will help to alleviate varicose veins and circulation problems. Anyone who bruises or bleeds easily will also benefit.

3). If you suffer from high cholesterol rutin will help to lower it, this will give you a better circulation. Recent research has proven that also reduces the amounts of LDL (bad) cholesterol, whilst protecting you against any cell damage resulting from this high cholesterol.

4). It will reduce intraocular pressure and aid in the treatment of glaucoma and cataracts.

5). When you take it with vitamin C it greatly intensifies the action of the ascorbic acid. This vitamin aids in the production of collagen, which gives you a healthy firm skin free of wrinkles.

6). There are indications that it acts as an anti-inflammatory.

7). Some studies have shown that it can make the heart muscle stronger, however more research is needed before any definite conclusion can be reached.

As you can see rutin is good for a number of health problems and has been used successfully for many years. However, your bowel absorbs only a small amount of the rutin that is available in your food. To make up for this shortfall numerous people take rutin in the form of a supplement.

Of course there are a good many multivitamin brands on the market, but not all of them will live up to your expectations. You should look for a supplement that contains natural herbal extracts such as green tea, bilberry and Bacopa extract these will work in synergy with rutin to enhance their overall health effect.

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