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Where to Buy a Derma Roller

You have already read a fair bit about the derma roller treatment, and you are really thinking about getting one yourself, the only problem is you do not really know where to get it from, as you never saw it in your local stores. If you can identify with this than this article is for you.

First of all I'm not 100% positive you can not find this product in stores, maybe in some specialized clinics, but even there it will be far more profitable to the clinic to charge for treatments using a derma roller than selling the tool itself. So the most common place to get one is really online.

This could be a problem for some folks, and not all of us are really inclined to purchase things online, there is still a good percentage of the public that does not like to use their credit card online, or even home banking solutions. If you are one of these, you really need to calm down and lose some of your fear, most stores online support PayPal, or have encrypted connections while you supply your card data, so there is really no need to have any fear, even if anything goes wrong, credit card companies have insurance that covers most online frauds.

Still we are missing a bit on the subject at hands, so lets move on. If you already did a search on possible places to get a derma roller, and if you are a online veteran you surely went for Amazon or even eBay, and you did find some really cheap ones out there. Beware of all of those that seem to good to be true (too cheap) as there is a catch. Most cheaper derma rollers just mean that they are disposable ones, and should only be used a small number of times, because the needles lose its sharpness a lot faster than quality ones. Never ever use one of these rollers past its dispose date, as you can cause more harm than good to your skin. These disposable ones are a good option only if you are just trying out the treatment to get a feel on how it works.

Quality derma rollers can last for months without losing its sharpness if kept according to instructions, and in a protected environment. These quality ones typically use gamma sterilized needles and are FDA approved, and this is really what you should aim for, while choosing your derma roller.

Most known brands, like the Scientia, provide packages that include one or more derma rollers and a multivitamin cream to use it with. This is often neglected, and people just plan on using the derma roller by itself, there is nothing wrong with that, and you will promote collagen growth the same way, but you are really wasting a great feature about this tool, that is the exponential increase in skin absorption rate. If you pair the derma roller with a good vitamin cream (C at least) you will also nourish the skin in a deeper level, and this will help the skins regeneration process making it healthier, more elastic, at a lot less prone to get damaged again.

So there you have it, as long as you choose a decent brand (gamma sterilized and FDA approved), and a decent package you really can not go wrong, just do not cheap out on your skin, after all this is our biggest body organ and we really do need to take great care of it.

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