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Wrinkle Cream for the Mouth

Wrinkles Around the Mouth

Wrinkles that appear around the mouth can be very embarrassing. Wrinkles in general serve no other purpose other than to remind us of time that has passed. Wrinkles appear commonly around the corners of the mouth because the face naturally has a thinner layer of under-lying skin and as this layer of fat, skin and elasticity is lost, wrinkles can be found.

Alternatives to Wrinkle Creams

Especially for removing wrinkles in a place as delicate as around the mouth, many people may look to surgery to correct the problem as quickly as possible. However, surgery can yield more problems than it’s worth. Other than complications such as skin drooping at the treated site, bruising and pain, the cost can run anywhere from $300-$500. Anti- wrinkle creams not only are painless, but most efficient creams generally cost less than $100.

Active Ingredients in Wrinkle Cream

Certain ingredients are better than others, especially when looking to remove wrinkles in an area that is as sensitive as around the mouth. For an area like this, natural ingredients are a better choice as you would not want to complicate that area. Some ingredients to look for are:

o Natural oils that can relieve skin irritation and dryness

o Shea Butter that works against early aging and wrinkles

o Any product that replenishes collagen

Natural Ways to Prevent Wrinkles Around the Mouth

One of the easiest ways to prevent wrinkles around the mouth area is to avoid smoking. It causes narrowing of the blood vessels and damages collagen. This causes the skin to sag prematurely and result in wrinkles. Other ways include protecting yourself from the sun and moisturizing.

Using Wrinkle Creams

If you find yourself with the problem of wrinkles, creams are always a better alternative to surgery. By doing research on skin care systems and understanding your own body and ingredients that it may naturally reject, creams are a safe and easy way to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. However, caution is to be taken when trying to correct the problem around such a sensitive area.

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