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Acne – Reduce and Even Get Rid of Acne Scars and Pits

People develop acne pits (toothpick sized indentations) in their face when an infected pustule or they have had a prolonged bout with cystic acne. These not only only lower one’s self-esteem, due to them being immediately noticeable, but they also lead to more skin damage.

Natural Remedies

In general, individuals commonly try at home products since they do not cost very much. Most treatments are items you already have in your home, like, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, or milk. Using these products will help you to exfoliate your skin as thy all feature milk acidic properties. The improvements will not be so dramatic and could take a longer time than if you had went to see a cosmetic dermatologist.

Drugstore Remedies

Drug treatments sold in stores for acne pitting are normally advertised as acne scar treatment. These could be categorized as being more effective and more costly than using personal home natural food remedies topically. Even so, they are not as expensive and not as effective when compared to multiple treatments provided by a cosmetic dermatologist. The well-known brand names and products usually include Glycolic acid which helps prevent and reduce the likelihood of pits. Other choices may include over-the counter dermal fillers which are not a treatment; they are simply a cosmetic filler, so once you stop using it your skin will return to its normal state

Cosmetic Dermatologist Services

Acne scar treatments provided by a dermatologist yield the best long term results and solutions. Although, they are the most expensive method to treat acne pitting, it is the most favored. The treatments you will need may involve laser skin resurfacing, in which the dead skin cells are taken off to reduce the appearance of scars; dermabrasion; whereby the skin is reduced to level the skin off with the pit; scar excisions, the scar tissue is removed and the adjacent tissue is combined; or grafting, a process where the pitted skin is taken off using a punch and substituted with healthier skin.

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