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Acne – Some Things You Should Know

Acne affects millions of people and is the # 1 skin concern among young people. If left untreated Acne can cause serious skin problems, the worst of which is scarring. Though some causes of Acne are beyond our control there are some things that can and will help. This article will give you some easy and effective ways to help control Acne.

What You Eat: By watching your diet you can help control your Acne problem. Too many people, especially the younger generation, just don’t watch what they eat very well. A high fiber content diet will usually produce dramatic results. Stay away from the known Acne triggering foods as much as possible. A regular exercise routine is also a great way to help with your Acne problems. It will help balance hormones in the body and will also help eliminate harmful toxins in your body.

Wash Your Face: Washing your face regularly is a most important step in the battle against Acne. Washing your face helps excess oil.

The oil on your skin has a tendency to make any Acne condition worse. Use a good anti-bacterial soap as often as you can. Washing your face before you go to bed is a must. The more bacteria and oil you eliminate by washing, the better your skin will be. If you don’t wash your face regularly, make it a habit, and you should see positive results.

Change Pillow Covers: I know what you’re thinking,how can changing pillow covers help my Acne problem? The truth is your pillow covers are a natural breeding ground for bacteria which stimulates Acne growth. As you sleep you constantly sweat, which breeds bacteria on your pillow covers. If possible change your pillow covers daily.

Towels are another bacteria breeding ground, and like pillow covers should be changed daily. Smoking and Drinking: Smoking and drinking regularly will enhance the growth of Acne, and should be avoided. Acne is just one of the reasons you should not smoke or drink constantly.

Using Harsh Cosmetics: Some people use anything they have to help hide their Acne problems. Using a harsh cosmetic can actually worsen skin conditions by irritating the skin and making it easier for the bacteria to affect your skin. Make sure you use a good quality cosmetic for sensitive skin.

Don’t Touch Them: Constantly touching your face is a way to further spread bacteria. Your hands are usually full of bacteria from many different sources and by touching, or rubbing your face you keep adding to the already present bacteria. Washing your hands as often as possible is a good idea, both for Acne and your general health. Leaving Acne untreated is one of the worst things you can do. It is a serious skin issue and if left untreated can cause real damage to your skin. If you have a slight case of Acne, treat it as if it was a major breakout; do not just let it go!

There are many quality Acne products on the market today. Do some research; pick one that you and your face will like. With their help and with the tips listed in this article, you can eliminate your Acne problems. Be happy, healthy and have a clean, clear face. Ron Stout writes on marketing and business related issues.

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