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Acne Treatment Scam? Stop Getting Ripped Off

The Internet is packed with good information about acne, but along with good information comes the bad. Those who haven’t researched acne, or never even experienced acne, try to recommend you acne products that are very fishy. Whether these ads are being advertised on TV (infomercials), the Internet, or even on the streets, it’s important to take the information you find with a grain of salt. There are many common advertising techniques used to lure acne sufferers into purchase their products.

#1: Listening to the Claims of the Acne Treatment Producer

The manufacturers of an acne treatment always try to claim their own product is the best, and they claim all other acne treatments don’t work. These people have more of a financial interest than an interest to educate and help you to treat your acne. Common techniques include word choice. Beware of words like laboratories, revolutionary, overnight, and 3 Days. Just because a name has a trademark next to it doesn’t make the acne treatment reliable.

#2: Is it too Good to be True?

An effective acne treatment takes time to clear your skin, not 24 hours, not 3 days, not 1 week. A good acne treatment generally takes 1 month to see results and up over 3 months to see full results. Some acne treatments do show temporary improvement in just a few hours, but these results do not last, and often they may lead to future acne breakouts. Even with strong, doctor prescribed medications, acne can take 6 months to treat, such as Accutane. Don’t believe those scam artists claiming you can be acne free in just a few days.

#3: Beware of “Scientific” Claims and Celebrity Endorsements

Too often we see labels such as “Dermatology tested,” “Results from studies show…” and many other claims that makes an acne treatment more enticing to purchase.

“Money-Back Guarantee!” doesn’t make an acne treatment good – the strategy behind the money-back guarantee is, they make it very difficult for you to get your money back. For example, they put you 30 minutes on hold for a phone call, or they ask you to try the product a little longer.

Celebrity endorsements are one of the sneakiest ways to get customers. Whether the celebrity had acne, or just one or two pimples, they can easily help make an acne TV commercial for millions of dollars.

The truth is, phony acne products look exactly like legit acne products. To find a good acne product requires good judgment, and it’s also a good idea to get product recommendations from past acne sufferers.

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