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Body Acne Treatment

One of the most prevalent skin problems that affect individuals across ages is acne. Pimples or acne are common features on the skin especially among teenagers who are prone to having them and this acne often leaves behind ugly spots or blemishes on the skin. The acne usually appears on the face and therefore they greatly affect one’s external appearance. There are various causes for the formation of acne.

The most prevalent cause can be associated to the secretion of the sebaceous glands. The excess secretion of oil or sebum from the sebaceous glands is responsible for the outbreak of ace on the external surface of the skin. However, these are not the sole causes of acne. Very high levels of stress and unhealthy lifestyle together with hormonal imbalances may contribute equally to recurrent pimple formation. It is important to point out here that while it is true that it is possible to treat acne, it must be kept in mind that all forms of acne treatment usually take time and the inflammations or red pigmentations so formed on the skin will take a lot of time to be eradicated completely. At times it is also noticed that even after the acne has healed certain scars remain or picking on acnes may result in the formation of ugly scars which are difficult to remove.

While the facial skin is the most common ground for acne formation, body acne is also common and among teenagers as well. It usually becomes prevalent during the winter months when individuals sometimes sweat excessively under the scores of warm clothing. Under such conditions the sweat may clog the pores of the skin and thus result in the formation of acnes or pimples on the body. The back and the chest region are the two sections of the body which are mostly affected as a result of acne outbreak. One of the most effective means of treating body acne is by means of keeping the body clean and taking a proper bath regularly. In order to eradicate the acne which have formed on the body and to ensure its permanent removal, one may apply a salicylic acid based cleanser which is considered useful for the purpose. Alpha Hydroxy Acid is quite useful in treating acne and therefore body moisturizers containing the Alpha Hydroxy Acid may be poured on the affected regions of the body to ensure removal of body acne.

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