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Causes of Pimples – Permanently Solve Your Acne Problems

There is an existing myth about the causes of pimples, which claim that only those who are in their puberty stage could acquire them. Scientific evidence would indicate otherwise showing that you can get pimples regardless of your age, gender, or nationality. Hence, it raises an interesting question that is common but none have been able to find a definitive answer to: what causes pimples? Your ability to find the answer to this could also mean the start of your battle against pimples.

Excessive Oil Production

Beneath the surface layer of your skin is a tiny oil producing gland known as follicle. It plays a major role of producing natural skin oil, which helps retain moisture in your skin. However, lack and excess of this oil can be bad for your skin. In this case, there are several hormonal factors that can contribute to the increase of oil production on your skin, making it vulnerable to infection. And your exposure to harmful environmental elements such as dust and other causes of pimples, which could result in your pores being clogged up and causing inflammation on the surface of your skin.

Hormonal Changes

Aside from entering puberty stage, there are several stages in a person’s life wherein they undergo severe hormonal changes that result to pimple formation. This is especially common in women, such as during pregnancy, menstruation, or menopausal. The intense hormonal activity trigger the overproduction of sebum in your oil glands that inevitably cause pimple.

Excessive Washing

Remember your dermatologist’s warning about washing your face too much? While this is important in maintaining proper hygiene, overwashing could create dryness or even lead to more pimple formation. The best time to wash your face is in the morning and evening. This should be enough to clear your face off any impurities and to naturally eliminate any causes of pimples.

Use of Medications

Aside from possible side effects, there is one more reason why you need to be careful about the medications you intake: it can cause pimple! Some of potential causes of pimples or triggers include oral contraceptives, steroids, antidepressant medications, etc.


For years, the association of stress as one of the causes of pimples has been considered a myth. But more research studies are being conducted to prove otherwise. The physiological and emotional impact of stress is supposedly responsible for pimple outbreaks. Moreover, it could also trigger hormonal fluctuations, which as stated above, could lead to overproduction of skin oil.

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