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How to Get Rid of Blackheads and Pimples – Know the Root Cause

If you have problems with acne and want to know how to get rid of blackheads and pimples, this article will be of great help. The key to getting rid of your acne lies not in using harsh, chemical-filed washes and prescription drugs. Rather, you must have a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Your skin is the largest organ in (or on) your body. When it is functioning as intended, sebum is created via oil-producing glands. This sebum provides a slightly acidic coating over your skin which helps your body fight off infection and harmful microorganisms. It also keeps your skin hydrated and healthy.

However, an imbalance in hormones, chemicals, and inflammation can all disrupt your bodies natural cycle of oil production. This is why nutrition is extremely important and can be the root cause of acne all on its own. In addition, stress wreaks havoc upon your hormones, and is also a major cause of acne.

If you want to know how to get rid of blackheads and other related skin conditions, understand that carbohydrates and sugar are two of the main culprits. The Standard American Diet (SAD) is composed of over 400 grams of carbohydrates per day in the form of processed grains and sugars. With such a nutritionally devoid diet, it is no wonder that inflammation runs rampant, and immunities are compromised. Where there is weakened immunity and inflammation, there will be acne. This is not even including the numerous chemicals applied to our skin every single day, from oil-free water-based acne washes that evaporate and leave skin and pores dried and inflamed, to daily showers. The natural oil produced by the skin is regularly stripped. This leads to a vicious cycle of over-production of oil, and over-application of products in turn.

An effective acne-fighting diet is one which is based primarily upon a wide range of colorful veggies and fruits; especially berries. In addition, also strive to eat meat, eggs, seafood, and healthy fats from sources such as butter, animal fats, coconut oil, nuts and seeds. Aim for natural products, avoid grains and processed sugar and carbs, and go for the cleanest food you can afford. Finally, effective use of supplements such as Omega 3 and Vitamin D, can offer a much-needed inflammation fighting boost.

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