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Natural Acne Remedies – The Most Powerful Natural Treatments

Ginger And Garlic

Two of the worlds most powerful natural antibiotics that have no side effects, ginger and garlic both work to improve the immune system and kill bad bacteria within the body. They are also excellent for reducing inflammation.

Aloe Vera

Not just for burns, Aloe is also one of the natural acne remedies that can help to heal scars and prevent acne all together.

Leafy Greens

Leafy green vegetables that contain a high amount vitamin A are wonderful for treating acne. Carrots are also rich in this vitamin. Accutane is derived from vitamin A but has side effects. Why not get this vitamin the natural way?

Grab Some Fruit

Eating more fruit is another way to treat acne from the inside. I start my day with an all fruit breakfast at least five days per week, and by doing so I am getting the antioxidants and essential vitamins right from the start. More energy is another added benefit.

Drink More Water

Are you drinking at least eight glasses of pure water every day? If you are not, you are missing an important part of natural acne remedies. The skin is working hard to dispel toxins and by drinking lots of water you are helping it to do its job.

Get Enough Rest

By getting seven to eight hours of good sleep you will reduce stress, which is another trigger. You may wish to reduce your caffeine intake to 300mg or three cups of coffee each day as well.

The Cucumber

One of the best natural acne remedies is the cucumber mask. Cucumbers contain silica, an important trace mineral that aids in healing and strengthening the tissues. I love cucumbers and eat them regularly for the diuretic effect, but making a cucumber mask will aid your quest in getting rid of acne.

Take one cucumber and put it in a blender to make a paste. Smooth over the skin and sit back for a half an hour, read the paper or watch television. If you were to get this treatment at a day spa it would cost a bundle! You will love the way your skin looks and feels. Do this daily and clear skin will be yours.

The health benefits of a simple cucumber are amazing. For those with arthritis it will reduce inflammation. It helps to regulate blood pressure. Full of magnesium, the cucumber relaxes nerves and keeps the blood flowing smoothly. Give it a try.

By following these tips and using these natural acne remedies, you will have a smooth, clear complexion in no time at all. Just a few simple changes is all it takes to beautiful skin.

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