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Pitted Acne Scar Treatment – What Are Your Options For Pitted Scar Treatment?

Believe it or not, there are a number of possible pitted acne scar treatment options available for those who are looking to either diminish the appearance of such nasty blemishes or even be rid of them forever. While pitted acne scars are truly a menace and are often very stubborn and hard to get rid of, that does not mean that you should give up! Instead, look into some of these different methods of treatment, or even discuss them with a professional dermatologist to see what the best course of action might be for you.

Give Dermabrasion a Try

One of the most often recommended options for pitted acne scar treatment is dermabrasion. Dermabrasion is one of the longest standing methods of skin treatment for treating acne scars, and it simply involves removing a layer of skin to allow a new layer to be created and take its place. The procedure itself is pretty simple and only takes about an hour. Beforehand, you will have your skin numbed in order to make the procedure a comfortable one, and the recovery period is not very long, either. This treatment works best for people with either fair or dark skin, but not usually for skin tones that are more olive in nature.

Consider Laser Resurfacing

Another method of pitted acne scar treatment would be laser resurfacing. Laser resurfacing treatments are very similar to dermabrasion in that they have the same general idea of removing the damaged layer of skin and promoting the healthier layer underneath. However, laser resurfacing treatments go about it in a different way, by using a pulsating laser to treat the skin. This allows a more precise treatment that can also work very quickly by taking just a few minutes for a small area.

Either one of these pitted acne scar treatment options are very good choices for those that really want to be rid of pitted acne scars for good. There are certain advantages and disadvantages to both, but it is definite that either method will certainly get the job done when it comes to making acne scars either less noticeable or helping to make them disappear altogether. The best way to proceed is to consult with your dermatologist, as they will have the ability to discuss which of the treatment options is best for your skin type or which is best suited for your specific acne scarring.

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