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Red Moles on Skin – 4 Ways to Remove Them

The Personal Problem with Red Moles on Skin

Those red moles, more technically known as cherry hemangiomas (angiomas), have caused countless embarrassing moments to the self-conscious and beauty-concerned individuals. Perhaps they never wear shorts for fear of somebody seeing their ugly mole. When speaking with somebody the other person is always staring at the red mole. Tell me, does this describe you?

Hemangioma Treatment Options

What if I told you that red moles on skin tissue can be removed. That's right, than can be removed! Do not panic – there are red mole treatments available. The following

1. Salicylic Acid. In addition to being used for acne and corns, salicylic acid and other types are also used for moles. Scarring may result.

2. Mole Removal Surgery. This solution includes a few variations.

  • Option 1: Dermatologists cauterize (burn) the mole away. The surface mole is burned off but mole under the skin remains.
  • Option 2: Shave the mole from the skin. A scalpel or sharp surgical knife is used to remove the top of the mole from the skin. The mole below the skin remains intact. Only the surface part of the mole is removed.
  • Option 3: A scalpel is used to radically cut out the mole in its entirety, including surrounded skin. Usually requires stitches. Anesthesia (local) may be required.
  • Possible Dangers from the above three options: Bleeding, anesthesia risk, infection, and scarring.

3. Laser Mole Removal. The laser is used to penetrate deeply below the skin level of the mole and change the pigmentation. Healing can take up to two weeks.

4. Cherry Angiomas Natural Treatments. Remove red moles on skin naturally and you avoid some of the costs and risks associated with the above options. Natural remedies should not include chemicals or highly processed solutions. Generally they are gentler and do not leave scars. As always, you should consult with your health care professional before choose any solution.

Natural mole treatments usually include botanical oils or derivatives of nuts, fruits, or plants, thus you are not risking any toxic build up in the body. There are many options available.

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