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The Disadvantages of Photo Facial

Each skin treatment has its downside, which goes to say that there may be a lot of positive reviews on the recent photo facial treatment technology, but there are certainly disadvantages that people should know about so they can make an informed decision on whether or not they will undergo Photo Facial treatment for their skin problems.

  • Firstly, there are patients who claimed that after completing the set of treatment sessions of laser skin care therapy, their age spots, port wine stains and freckles have lightened up. But it should be known that not all skin discolorations are treated by this light therapy. It is possible that the discoloration is very deep that the intense pulsed light could not penetrate deep enough to reduce the darkness or discoloration.
  • Second, the patients may balk at the cost of photo facial treatment much more so if they are told that a set of photo facial treatments (which generally consists of 4-6 sessions) are necessary. It may come at a package price, but its cost is considerably higher than the other skin care treatment offered by dermatologists or specialists.
  • Third, undergoing this treatment is not a one-shot nor short-time deal. It may take months for the treatments to be completed, depending on the severity of the skin blemishes.
  • Finally, there are reports of side effects of photo facial treatment, giving more problems for people who paid for it with their hard-earned dollars. Some of these side effects include bigger pores, broken blood vessels, which leads to an increase in redness. Other serious problems are skin blistering (with fluids in it) which can be infected, and stripping of the skin if the treated skin parts are severely burned by the sun.

It is a practical idea to know everything there is to know, if you are contemplating a certain treatment for your skin, and knowing the risks and disadvantages of photo facial treatments will make you go for it, if the pros outweigh the cons, or shy away from it if this information makes you think that you will find you are just wasting your time and money.

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