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What Causes Some Acne Outbreaks?

Acne is not just a teenage problem but is also an adult skin condition. No definitive cause has been found but there are contributing factors. The stress is both emotional and psychological. It is estimated that 80% of 12 to 24 year olds are affected by acne in one form or another. Scientists will continue to seek the ultimate solution. But, that doesn’t mean you should stop looking for the solution that best fits your case.

Some outbreaks of acne can be attributed to several factors. Sebum oil, which naturally moisturizes the skin and cleanses dead skin cells, is trapped under the skin when pimples form. Over clogging of the ducts that lead from the glands from overproduction of the this oil can lead to an acne outbreak.

Hormones influence the production of sebaceous oil. Bacterial growth from excessive oil production leads to pimples and cysts. Whiteheads are formed When the oil comes to the surface. Blackheads are formed if the oil is oxidized.

Testosterone is a hormone found in both women and men.Testosterone regulates sebum production and can contribute to acne.

Common wisdom suggests nutrition may be a cause of acne. For some people it may play a role. The answer lies in each individual person. There has been no causative relationship between food and acne but some foods may increase your oil production and increase your odds of an acne outbreak. Fats and sugars can affect hormones and thus oil production.

Cosmetics can influence an outbreak of acne. Some cosmetics clog the pores. Always look for those that are labeled as non-allergenic to reduce your chances of an allergic reaction.

Keeping your skin clean can reduce the odds of an acne outbreak. Dirt does not cause blackheads. Dirt can contribute to excess oils and the clogging of the glands in the skin. A normal sanitary wash can help reduce your chances.

Certain medications can cause an acne outbreak. Cortisone and Steroids have known side effects including acne.Mainly used as anti-inflammatory drugs, these drugs have unwanted side effects. Avoid exposure if possible if you are prone to acne outbreaks.

Exciting research suggests narrow hair follicles may cause acne. The narrow hair follicles can easily block oil glands and clog pores. More research is needed but it may lead to a genetic solution to the causes of acne.

It is important to know the remedies that you can do to prevent an acne outbreak. It is not an endless battle and you will get better. Explore your options and find the treatment that fits your severity.

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