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Anti Aging and HGH- Can You Reverse Age With HGH – Is it the Fountain of Youth

HGH has been called the Fountain of Youth not without reason. Human growth hormone declines as you age. This implies that your body’s capacity to repair damaged cell also declines. Cell damage is what causes your body to age.

Growth hormone is available in the form of injections, sprays and supplements or releaser pills. By taking human growth hormone you can force your body to repair damaged cells that cause aging. Following are some of the most noticeable areas that can be reversed with the growth hormone:

Skin Damage

Your skin can be damaged by the sun, UV rays, smoke, harsh weather etc., some of which are highly unavoidable factors. Human growth hormone can repair these damaged skin cells giving you a smother, younger looking, less-wrinkled skin.

Bone Deterioration

With age your bone density also goes down. This makes you prone to bone fractures and osteoporosis. Among men decline in bone density happens due to a dip in testosterone levels which is directly related with the human growth hormone. Growth hormone can help strengthen your bones and repair damaged bone cells.

Memory Loss

Damaged brain cells are responsible for memory loss and can lead to Alzheimer’s disease. Growth Hormone works to heal damaged brain cells, preventing age-related mind deterioration.

Sexual Function

Since growth hormone is directly related to testosterone, a decline in it’s levels leads to a dip in testosterone as well. This could be a major cause of erectile dysfunction and loss of libido in men. Growth hormone supplements can help you boost T-levels and enhance low male libido.

Apart from the above factors, growth hormone can help you increase your energy levels and youthfulness. It can help you gain lean muscle mass and reduce unwanted body fat and promote thick hair growth as well.

Having stated the benefits of growth hormone, it is important for you to know as to in what form you should take it. Injections could be quite expensive. A single shot could cost as mush as $25 and with three shots required in a single day the cost could mount up to $75 which makes it a non viable option. Sprays are not proven to work. In such a case, releasers or pills seem to be the most appropriate option. Natural pills can boost your own body’s production of growth hormone without any side effects.

HGH, Testosterone and Male Libido examines the most complete and natural supplement specially formulated for men that not only boosts growth hormone production but also enhances T-levels.

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