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My Volufiline Reviews Revealed These Questions and Answers

Volufiline has only been on the market a short while and yet it is already creating a buzz. Suddenly everybody wants to read Volufiline reviews in order to learn what it’s all about, what it can do and how can one use it. In order to help the consumer we have provided Volufiline reviews in a detailed FAQ especially prepared to help you get a better understanding on the subject of Volufiline.

This should help to answer the most basic questions about this very effective substance and will help you decide whether Volufiline is right for you.

1:How is Volufiline defined?

Volufiline is basically substance called sarsasapogenin which is a natural extraction from the root of Anemarrhena asphodeloides and is added to hydrogenated polyisobutene which is an oil-soluble excipient.

The substance created is pure natural and the synergy created by the extract and the excipient is enough to produce a great deal of results.

2: What are the functions?

Volufiline main function is to directly stimulate the growth of the breast to produce enhancement. It is done so by direct penetration through tissue absorption.

3: What are the properties?

Volufiline has two known properties. One is to incite an adipose division and reproduction; and two is to assists the body into storing the lipids in order to increase the number of the adipose tissues that is essential for breast growth.

4: How does it work?

Volufiline’s mechanism of action is extensively explained by the DNA-array technique which was determined by a series of genetic experiments. It was studied that the substance sarsasapogenin activates the pathways PPARy, COPS3 and COPS5. It also stimulates the lipid storage and promotes the deposits of fatty tissues to the targeted areas.

5: Why is this breast cream so special and interesting?

Volufiline is considered as special and interesting because it is one of the few topical cosmetic medications that have no stimulating hormonal effect (estrogen and progesterone). This means that the users do not need to worry about adverse effects brought about by the hormones.

6: What is the INCI name of Volufiline?

The INCI name of Volufiline is Hydrogenated Polyisobutene – Anemarrhena Asphodeloides (Root) extract

7: What are the applications? How can one use it?

Volufiline can be applied as topical emulsions for the buttocks, breasts, cheeks and/or hands

8: What is the formulation?

The exact formulation can be requested from the makers of the substance which is Sederma. But basically it is made up of six parts namely Part A, B, C, D, E, F and G

Part A consists of dionised water and Ultrez 10 (Carbomer, Noveon) while Part B consists of Glycerin.

On the other hand, Part C is made up of Crill 3 (Sorbitan Stearate, Croda), Crodaderm S (Sucrose polysoyate, Croda), Marcoln 28 (a mineral oil), and Cithrol GMS AS/NA (Glyceryl Stareate and PEG stareate, Croda)

Part D is all Volufiline, Part E is Potassium Sorbate, Part F is 30% Sodium hydroxide in deionised water and Part G is Parfum

9: What is the recommended dosage to be effective?

The recommended level of dosage is 5%

10: Is it clinically tested? If yes, what are its results?

According to several official Volufiline reviews, the in vitro tests showed a +201% pre-adipocyte differentiation and +32% adipocyte proliferation.

On the other hand, in Vivo testing which included 30 women ages 18 to 35 were told to apply Volufiline gel cream to one breast twice daily for 56 days. The results were highly significant showing a +8.4% mean difference.

When looking for a breast enhancement product be sure to check if it uses Volufiline as only the newer products will and older treatments do not.

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