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Resveratrol – 9 Very Good Reasons to Take Resveratrol

Clinical trials are still being conducted on humans to see the real benefits of this supplement, however, tests on mice have been very successful in proving the health benefits of well publicised natural compound. For a long time now scientists have been working hard to discover why the French have very low heart disease statistics compared with many other countries when their diet is often worse.

They now think they've found the answer – red wine – or more specifically an ingredient of red wine called resveratrol. The following are some of the results of tests that have already been conducted.

Energy and muscles – lab tests on mice have shown that those using the compound are able to run twice as for as those who are not. This is due to the increase oxygen consumption of the muscle tissue.

Heart – red wine drinkers are approximately 50% less likely to get heart disease. This is due to the compounds cholesterol reducing properties.

Brain and kidneys – It has been shown that mice fed on red wine and a high cholesterol diet seem to be protected against oxidative stress and high blood cholesterol

Prostate cancer – experiments showed an 87% decrease in prostate cancer. Additionally for those who already have it can slow down the progression.

Lung cancer – A 3 year study on men between 45 and 69 revealed that those who drunk red wine had a 2% lower chance of lung cancer where those who drunk beer and white wine showed no reduction at all.

Antioxidants – Just like green tea it has high levels of antioxidants that can help prevent many diseases.

Anti-aging – The life span of middle aged mice increased 33% -60% when small amount of restervol were added to their diet. It kept their hearts healthy and slowed the signs of aging

Cell protection – It's been found to inhibit the production of several cancer cells including stomach, colon, breast, thyroid and pancreas cancers.

Liver disease – Heavy alcohol consumption causes fat to accumulate in the liver which sometimes leads to fibrosis and other liver diseases. Excessive alcohol drinking inhibits the production of a couple of proteins vital for breaking down fats in the liver.

One of the most common diseases in America is Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD). People who took red wine daily reduced the risk of NAFLD by 50% but those who drunk moderate levels of spirits and white wine were 4 times more likely of getting having suspected NAFLD.

The discovery of all these resveratrol health benefits is very exciting and offers us all the potential to live longer and healthier. Imagine what it would be like to still have the vitality to run around after you grandchildren or maybe even your great-grand children. To find out more about how you can incorporate resveratrol into your diet visit my website.

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