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Serrapeptase Is An Affordable Organic Miracle Medication

Imagine if you knew an old person over 60 who was cured in only three weeks from advanced chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) and emphysema with an affordable natural medicine. Fortunately, there is an organic medicine out there that can effectively treat a wide variety of health issues, even those nagging ailments of aging. This affordable medicine is called Serrapeptase. The story of the 60 year old man who recovered in only 3 weeks was related in a radio interview about the Serrapeptase medicine, by Dennis Gore, an England pharmacist who specializes in organic medicines and herbs.

A Dramatic Anecdote

According to Dennis Gore, in the year 2002, an ill man was brought into the Dennis’s pharmacy in a wheelchair by his wife. The sick man was on antibiotics, had to breath from an oxygen bottle, and had to regularly use steroid sprays to reduce inflammation. Because of this, the old man constantly suffered from other side effects and bad infections. This man had heard the BBC radio discussion in where Dennis discussed about studies done in many parts of Europe on Serrapeptase’s ability to remove blood vessel and airway obstructions.

Therefore, this severely sick individual asked Dennis for some Serrapeptase. Dennis instructed the sick man to take two 20,000IU tablets, around five grams, on an empty stomach 4 times a day. Dennis Gore also advised the sick man to reduce the medication gradually as he got better.

Three weeks later, a six foot middle aged male visited the pharmacy and asked if Dennis remembered him. Dennis could not remember the man at all. So, the man told Gore he was the person who had emphysema, COPD, and no longer needed a wheelchair to get around. Furthermore, he was not longer on steroid sprays, antibiotics, and did not need oxygen cylinders anymore. Two years later, this man was still healthy and a steady customer to this pharmacist.

What is Serrapeptase?

Serrapeptase is an enzyme that was discovered in silkworms. Silkworms produces this type of enzyme to digest the tough Mulberry leaves that they live on. Furthermore, they use this enzyme to quickly bore through their tough cocoon. Researchers isolated this enzyme and started making cultures by adding a protein. Researchers then started making various clinical trials and experiments that became successful. From then on, the enzyme went into broad usage. In fact, Serrapeptase is considered to be a standard medicine in Germany.

Enzymes are catalysts that speed up or enable biochemical reactions. The catalyst, an enzyme in this case, does not become consumer by the chemical reaction. On the contrary, the enzyme helps start the reaction. There are about 4000 different biochemical reactions that require enzymes as catalysts. Thus, the human body relies on enzymes to not only digest foods, but the body also require enzymes for cellular activity.

The enzyme activity of Serrapeptase is special because it is enzyme is a safe and effective arterial chelation agent. Pharmacist Dennis Gore has closely studied the reports of Dr. Hans Napier, a German doctor who had good results with clearing blocked arteries with this enzyme. By using this enzyme, this German doctor did not need to proceed to perform a risky operation on a patient. Dr. Hans Napier treated a female patient with Serrapeptase who was about to have an operation to have her arm amputated. After the enzyme treatment the woman recovered without the need for an amputation.

Unlike many other types of medications used to remove inflamed lipids (fats) or arterial wall plaque in the blood system, this natural medicine doesn’t block the biosynthesis of cholesterol. The truth is, in its pure form, cholesterol acts as an antioxidant necessary for all the organs to function properly. If this biosynthesis is hampered, then long term health problems will likely occur.

Furthermore, Serrapeptase is an extremely powerful natural anti-inflammatory agent. Therefore, this medicine can be used to treat any areas of inflammation without resorting to using steroids or other similar drugs that typically have negative side effects.

Current and Historical usage of Serrapeptase

This medicine actually has a 25 year history of use in many parts of Asia and Europe. Serrapeptase digest all cysts, non living tissue, blood clots, arterial blockages, and inflammation. It has also been found to be much more effective than the traditional medical use of EDTA Chelation in removing arterial plaques. Also, the great thing about Serrapeptase is that it does not have any side effects.

Serrapeptase has successfully been used for the treatment of arthritis, cardiovascular issues, fibrocystic breast disease, sinusitis problems, lung problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, and even some sport injuries. It is also recommended as an anti-aging agent because much of aging is about the accumulation of inflammation, scar tissues, and dis-regulation.

Inflammation is a necessary process that helps protect healthy cells from harmful invaders. Dis-regulation occurs when the process of inflammation loses discrimination and can no longer differentiate between benign substances and harmful substances. On the other hand, there is unnecessary inflammation that typically leads to long term autoimmune issues.

There are numerous reports of pains and aches vanishing after the use of Serrapeptase. This organic and natural enzyme does not in any way suppress the immune system. Furthermore, this enzyme does not produce any negative side effects. Serrapeptase is available in different sources in both tablet and capsule form. It is advised that heavy dosages be taken early until there is a positive change, then gradually use lighter dosages.

You may ask why Serrapeptase is not a household term after scientist have discovered it 25 years ago? Since, this medicine is safe, effective, inexpensive, and does not need a prescription, many doctors are afraid it will replace other forms of man-made medication. Do you think large pharmacies will be promoting something like this?

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