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Skin Care Secrets of the Ancients

Looking into the mirror one morning after an exceptionally hectic weekend, I noticed with shock that the youthful skin I had always taken for granted was starting to reveal signs of aging.

My first reaction was the fatalistic acceptance that nothing could be done about it, since we’re all destined to age. But there’s also a side of my character that refuses to yield to the seemingly inevitable. I intuitively knew there must be a way to slow down the process of aging skin, and possibly even reverse it as well. Thus began my quest to find a solution to combat the relentless hands of time. I began by searching for everything I could find on the Internet related to skin care and anti-aging.

As I’m conscious of my health, I wanted to find a system that was natural and non-invasive, and which would also be affordable in regard to nurturing my skin on a daily basis. My research led me into areas of anti-aging and skin care which were not only enlightening and informative, but also quite surprising.

One of the most fascinating facts I discovered, was that our ancestors developed a system of skin care based on natural ingredients and remedies that was incredibly effective in preserving and promoting healthy radiant skin. Skin care treatments were a common practice in the ancient world in China, Japan, India, Greece, and most regions of the Middle East, and were given as much attention then as they are today.

The ancient Egyptians for example, were famous for developing elixirs for the skin using ingredients such as moringa oil, plant resins, and milk. Though they may have lacked access to our modern-day technology, their inherent wisdom and skill pertaining to nurturing and maintaining youthful looking skin through entirely natural means was truly amazing. Fortunately for us, the ingredients and methods they used have been passed down through the ages, allowing us to apply the same time-tested techniques to achieve a level of skin care unmatched by modern-day beauty products.

Encouraged by these findings I experimented daily with a variety of natural methods and ingredients used by the Ancients, until I found the optimum combination that gave my skin the same glowing radiant appearance I enjoyed as a young woman. The end result was the creation of a formula which implements an array of the same natural ingredients and methods used by our ancestors so long ago.

When I initially began experimenting with various natural ingredients and methods used by the Ancients, I had no idea where my project was going to lead, or what to expect. Even though I’ve always been an advocate of the natural approach to skin care, I was still a bit skeptical whether a system based on methods applied thousands of years ago could truly be effective.

Soon after starting the program all lingering doubts vanished when I noticed my skin becoming softer, firmer, and more supple. To my delight the overall texture and tone also radiated a lustrous glow which evoked compliments from family and friends. My skin also adopted a smoother, silkier, more refined quality which I hadn’t experienced since my youth.

I tend to have extremely dry skin, and prior to applying the formula I was constantly applying moisturizing cream to my face. After implementing the system the dryness disappeared as my skin became naturally hydrated and resilient. In addition, the fine lines and wrinkles which had started to appear on my forehead and at the corner of my eyes became dramatically softer and less pronounced, and on certain areas of my face vanished completely. This inspired me to find answers as to why these ingredients administered in a particular sequence and combination were so effective.

What I discovered is that in addition to being inherently better for your skin and health in general, they also work in unison holistically, enabling your skin to replenish and restore itself. One example of how this restorative process takes place can be found in one of the key ingredients used in the formula, which is recognized as being transdermal in nature.

The transdermal, penetrating aspect of this particular ingredient transports other essential elements used in the formula deep into the various layers of the skin, nourishing and revitalizing it on a cellular level. The result is skin that not only looks and feels younger, but which is rejuvenated daily by the process.

After several weeks of using my formula I realized my skin had been transformed. The first signs of aging which had initially caused me concern had been replaced with healthier, younger looking skin. The results far exceeded anything I could have imagined or hoped for when first starting the program. I was thrilled to have come across this simple, yet powerful method of preserving and replenishing my skin which has now become part of my daily routine.

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