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The Difference Between Lace Front, Full, and Half Wigs

Wearing a wig does not have to be noticeable. It really depends on what kind of wig you get. You have a choice between Lace Front, Full, and Half Wigs.

Lace Front wigs have a strip of lace in the front that allows you to create a natural hairline. You can part a lace front wig in the front and it will look like you parted your own scalp. You can also blend your own hair in with the lace that creates an extremely natural look. You do this by parting your own hair, and matching the part in your hair, with the part in the lace front wig. Make sure the wig is starting about an inch away from your hairline. This allows you to blend your hair with the wig and create a natural look. Also make sure to match your hair color with the color of the wig.

Full wigs are what most people are used to. Full pieces cover your entire head and none of your hair can be out. These can look natural as well but you HAVE to make sure you get the right style that fits your face. If you have more of a round face, and you get a long hairpiece, that can look fake.

Lastly you can buy half wigs. Half wigs only cover half of your head and requires half of your own hair to be out. Half wigs will be your best bet because you can’t get more natural than having your own hair out. With the half wig, you simply put it on, and brush your own hair back and blend with the wig. One of the disadvantages of these hairpieces is women often pick the extremely beautiful curly wigs. While these are beautiful, you have to make sure you can curl your own hair to match the wig. If you can not, the look can look unnatural. Just like the lace front pieces, make sure to match your hair color to the color of the piece. Half wigs are also your cheapest option.

With all of these options, you have to make sure that you put them on correctly. Most wigs have tabs on both sides that are there to guide you put the wig on straight. Make sure you use them. If your wig isn’t on straight it is noticeable.

Once you find the right wig, you have to make sure you take care of it. Even though it’s not your natural hair, wigs require washing about once a month to keep their shine and luster. Use wig shampoo too clean your wigs. Wig shampoo can be found at any Beauty Supply Store where wigs are sold. Wash your wigs in only cold water and let them air dry. DO NOT BLOW DRY. If you wash your wig once a month, it should last 4-6 months.

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