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Top 10 Anti Aging Foods For Skin

Knowing that you need to eat healthfully in order to age well and knowing exactly what to eat are two very different things. Sometimes you need a little help along the way to eating that ideal diet.

The first step is learning which foods are best for an anti aging diet. Which foods are going to help your skin remain supple and youthful looking? Which foods are going to help fuel your body so you can participate in active pursuits to keep your body young? These are the questions you need answers to.

You have come to the right place. Let’s look at the top 10 foods for anti aging.


If you’re the type to grab a yogurt when you’re hungry, you’re doing the right thing. Yogurt provides two essentials to aging well – protein and probiotics. Protein keeps your muscles lean and helps to build new muscle. Protein also helps to slow the absorption of carbohydrates. This controls hunger and helps your body to burn more fat.

The probiotics help to keep your body free of bad bacteria. They also help with digestion. And improved gut health means less toxicity and better, clearer skin.


Aside from being tasty and versatile, Salmon’s great benefit is that it provides you with a generous helping of Omega 3 fatty acids, which are excellent in keeping your skin supple and young looking. Salmon also contains DMAE, essential for improved skin tone.

These fatty acids are good for the heart and the protein in the salmon is also good for helping to dispel hunger and provide energy.


Most of us are well aware of the blueberry’s status as a “superfood”. It’s this status that sends us to the berry section of the market to stock up on these delicious, antioxidant-packed berries.

The antioxidants in the blueberries are believed to help neutralize free radicals, which are the primary cause of aging to the skin.


Tofu is versatile, so it can be used in soups, smoothies, stir fries and as a replacement for meat. It is full of protein and flavanoids, which helps to reduce the bad cholesterol in your blood system.


Beans are a new addition to “best foods” lists. They are high in protein but also beneficial phytochemicals that help the body to fight off disease and the signs of aging. Beans are also low on the glycemic index, which means when you eat beans you stay full longer and you control blood sugar levels, and less stress and aging on your skin.


Peppers are full of vitamin C, which is excellent for anti aging properties (as well as warding off the occasional cold) and they are also loaded with antioxidants and flavanoids. Both of these properties are excellent for an aging body.

Nuts and seeds

Nuts have moved from the category of salty snack at a pub to heart healthy and anti aging superpower. Nuts are filling. This is beneficial because eating just a small handful of nuts between meals can help to reduce hunger and control your blood sugar levels. This helps you to maintain a healthy weight. The good fats in the nuts also help your heart and your skin.


This one might come as a surprise, but experts are now saying that eggs are an excellent source of protein and that eggs – contrary to what we’ve always been told – have little effect on cholesterol levels.

Green foods

You might not like your green eggs and ham, but getting more green foods is a good thing. We’re not talking just broccoli and asparagus here (though both of those can boast of great health benefits as well), but about grasses like wheat grass and barley grass.

These foods have a much higher concentration of good nutrients per ounce than other green foods and help to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure and improve immunity response. They might also help to prevent cancer. Not only this, yur skin cell health will improve and look younger.


Barley is full of fiber, which helps to metabolize fats, lower cholesterol levels and promote a healthy digestive tract. It might also help to reduce the risk of certain kinds of cancers.

There a wide array of choices when it comes to our food these days. But keeping in mind the better foods – and choosing them whenever possible – we help our bodies to heal and our skin to retain youth. So go ahead and get a healthy diet to have yourself look younger.

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