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Acne Causes Rosacea

For many people the acne is mild and can be removed easily but there are many whose acne is so severe that it causes serious psychological problems. The acne destroys the self confidence and self-esteem of the person and is said to bring about even suicidal feelings. Acne is therefore a serious issue and not just a teenage problem. Acnes are most common among teenagers but adults can also have acnes. There are many factors responsible for the appearance of acne in our body, especially the face. Let’s see some of the causes.

o Acne is caused when the sebum is so much that it is not possible for the pore to release all of the sebum.

o Acne is caused when the cells inside the hair follicle starts flaking and leads the formation of a plug.

o The bacterium that lives in the skin and the skin pore causes acne to erupt.

o A kind of hormone called androgens is another cause. This hormone is present both in men and women but is more in men.

o The lack of female hormones called estrogen during the menstruation period causes acne.

o Acnes are considered hereditary and therefore it is a genetic problem.

o Stress is often the cause of acne. Not getting enough sleep takes its toll.

o Using of make-up products that are not suited for the skin.

There is some confusion on whether the diet has anything to do with acnes. Some suggests that the intake of too much of oily food stuff can increase the acnes but others deny this. The acne problem differs from person to person and the treatments will also differ. There are numerous acne skin treatments. There are hundreds of products in the market that are effective and cheap and easily available. These medicines are not only made by pharmaceutical companies but also by cosmetic companies. There are also home remedies which are very effective.

Acne problem is a universal skin problem and the treatment is necessary. The pictures of acne are not a pleasing one and therefore it becomes an urgent matter to get rid of them. There are many herbs that are good for acnes. These natural herbs are used not only at home but also by cosmetic companies. They are ore preferable because they have no side effects whereas chemicals often produce certain side effects.

It is also recommended that the person with ace problem start his own ace skin treatment. This will include change in the diet, drinking plenty of water, getting plenty of sleep, distressing, cleansing the skin regularly, choosing the beauty products carefully, etc. if the home treatments don’t work, consulting the doctor is the best option in hand.

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