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Correct Ways to Cure Your Acne Without Any Side-effect

I would like to know the name of one person who enjoys having acne. Acne is not a pleasurable experience and many become frustrated as myths have converted into truths. Many people believe at 22 or 23 acne just disappears but it is a pure myth. You can get acne at any age. Normally it is due to imbalances in the skin and in the hormones.

Many people also pay hundreds of dollars to get rid of acne but the more expensive a product is does not mean that it has a higher chance of curing your acne. Many products begin to help reduce the signs of acne but after about a month or two, your skin becomes adjusted to the cleaner and it stops working. Even worse, is that you find a product that clears your skin but in the moment that you stop using, it becomes discontinued or you realize that your skin care products are making you broke, the acne comes back. Is there a simple solution? Yes, there is.

Home remedies truly help to cure acne. Think about it. Do you really want to put that many chemicals onto your face? These chemicals can have adverse effects on your skin and your health. There is nothing better than natural remedies because even if they do not work, they will not cause any harm to your health.

The problem with home remedies and people’s reaction against them is that they try one home remedy mix and if it does not produce overnight results like one of the chemical facial cleansers than obviously all home remedies do not work. This is completely false. You do need to experiment because different types of acne respond to different minerals and different skins also react differently. Plus these remedies do take some time because the gradually balance out the skin over a period of time and do not give false overnight hopes. Nevertheless, with some solutions, you will be able to see a minimizing of the acne in days.

Here are a few home remedies to get you started on your way to cleaner, healthier, acne free skin:

o Grind sesame seeds and add them to warm water to decrease the inflammation in the area where you have acne.

o Mix honey and cinnamon together to create an overnight mask and rinse it off the following morning

o To minimize redness and swelling, rub fresh garlic or raw papaya juice in the affected areas.

o To decrease the size of inflamed acne you can use a cotton ball to wipe mint juice in the affected area.

o Other acne cleansing combinations include salt and vinegar, cinnamon and lemon juice, grounded up orange peels mixed with warm water and ginger mixed with warm milk.

You will also need to make sure that you are not over washing your face as this can lead to further breakout. You want your skin to be calm and relaxed at all times. To sooth your skin, mix oatmeal with warm water or milk and leave it on your face for 15 to 25 minutes daily and wash it off in the shower.

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