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Do You Really Want to Break the Rosacea Cycle?

In looking at a cure it is as much your determination and perseverance to make changes in your life as anything. There is in fact nothing that can make you do anything or even say that making a change will be “it”, but without first trying you will never know. The first I would like to discuss in a series of articles is diet. And I hear you say “but I have tried to diet and it doesn’t cure the rash”. However I am asking you to make the difference and go for one big change and stick with it for the rest of your life. These changes are I mention are a forever change.Are you up for it? I would encourage you to eat as much raw vegetable as possible in the form of salads, sprouts and vegetable juices from if possible organic vegetables. You should make your own juices from fruit and vegetables with a juicer that has a slow crushing action. This will provide you with all the enzymes you need for good digestion and therefore letting your body absorb the nutrients it needs for a healthy immune system. I am not advocating a wholly raw food diet as this will set many people up for failure.

The purpose of my recommendations is to encourage you to eat foods high in enzymes. Consume at least 2 liters of water a day. Do not eat highly refined foods such as meals prepared with bleached four, preservatives, food colouring and or additives of any kind. No dairy foods from any type of animal and no processed sugars. Meat, chicken and fish (& all seafood) are acceptable in the proportionate amounts that accompany vegetables (lightly steamed), lettuce, spinach, cabbage, zucchinis, carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, beetroot, culinary herbs and salad greens. Sprouts from the seeds of broccoli, alfalfa, lentils, mustard, onion can be store bought or made at home. Many health food shops can help with the necessary equipment you may need for these changes. You will I guarantee feel a huge difference from these changes.

Mind you this isn’t the whole story. And there is a whole rounded approach in my book “Cure Your Rosacea” that will help you, as it did me as I’m now rosacea free, after meticulously following a regime for this past 8months after 10 years of the rash.

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