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Progest E Complex For Natural Progesterone Supplementation

In general, the human body generates about ten to twenty milligrams per day. If one takes about three or four drops of progest E, it is known to replenish the levels of blood to a relatively regular range. However, this particular dose can be replicated quite a few times during the course of day if there is need for it so as to help manage symptoms. Generally, it is more effective if one takes progesterone orally. It is for instance known to be efficient if the user dissolves progesterone in vitamin E and applying the solution on one’s tongue, lips and or gums. This has been proven to increase the general health of the user.

This is because the membranes surrounding these are extremely thin and the applied solution penetrates into the blood more easily. In addition, when it is swallowed the vitamin E in the solution makes it easier for the walls in the stomach and intestines to absorb it more easily. This then means that the product can be taken with food to increase absorption. Additionally, this means that it will flow through various organs before it is then routed to the liver.

If the user is looking to apply it as oil through the skin, so as to alleviate conditions like acne, wrinkles or areas of the skin that have been damaged by the sun, directly applying it on the affected areas is advisable. The user could also apply a limited amount of olive oil to the area that is affected so as to increase the rate of absorption. It is advisable to first apply the olive oil onto the affected and then proceed to apply the progest E. This helps to concentrate a greater amount of the progesterone on the area that is affected. Thus, this localizes the progesterone on the affected area so as to correct the problem. This is because the body will methodically absorb the progesterone.

Users are highly advised to research on progest E effectively so as to ensure that they use it in the safest manner possible. This also ensures that one is protected from the effects it may have on them personally. Additionally, ensuring that one weighs the pros as opposed to the cons of use of the product puts one at a better stand point when using the product. There are numerous sources from which one would be able to purchase the product. It is thus vitally important to consider price, as one looking into the price variations of the product. This is because it ensures that one purchases a product that is well inline with their overall budgetary requirements. This ensures that one does not over extend themselves during purchase of the product.

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